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The tourist visa is granted to foreigners who want to visit the country, without the intention of immigrating or working. Every year Brazil receives millions of tourists.

Tourist visas are also granted to international visitors who come into the country to participate in artistic contests, congresses, conferences, seminars and sports competitions where there is no selling of tickets or fees that are paid by Brazilian institutions, even when prizes are involved.

The citizens of the countries with reciprocity treaties with Brazil may be exempted from a visa. To know which countries are benefited, access the Quadro Geral de Regime de Vistos.

To apply for a tourist visa, the applicant must individually fill out the Form for Visa Application  available in English and in Portuguese, then show up at one of the Brazilian Consular Authorities in his or her country and present the following documents:

- One 3x4 photograph that must be glued to the form;
- Original passport that is valid for at least the next six months;
- Round-trip tickets (ticket reservation and/or a letter from the travel agency);
- International certificate of immunization, when necessary;
- Proof of means for self-support (bank account, credit card or other documents that can guarantee the traveler’s financial resources)
- In case of minors traveling to Brazil, the parents’ authorization is mandatory. It must be a certified document authorizing the child to travel;
-I n case of participation in events, in addition to the previous requirements, the applicant must present a letter from the organization confirming the conditions described in the mentioned norm, and attesting the responsibility for the return of the visitor to his or her country of origin;
- Fees vary according to country of origin. Consult the Brazilian Consular Authority in your country.

The duration of the Brazilian tourist visa is 90 days, and it can be extended by the Federal Police only once for the same period of time. The validity of the visa can reach five years, and the duration of the visit cannot go beyond 180 days per year.

 The application for a tourist visa extension must be done while the current visa is still valid and will be subject to assessment from the Ministry of Justice, without the possibility of converting the tourist visa into a permanent one. In case the Brazilian government feels suspicious about the objective of the trip, it can ask the traveler to present additional documents.

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