Photos and video: almost 52% of the construction works at Castelão have been concluded

03/01/2012 - 15:20
The stadium, which will be the biggest of the Brazilian North/Northeast, should be ready by December 2012

Photo: Ministry of Sport#

According to the last report by the construction consortium in charge of the works at the Castelão stadium in Fortaleza (capital of the state of Ceará, in the Northeast region of Brazil), by the end of 2011, 53% of the building works will have been concluded.

The Castelão construction works are being done in four stages simultaneously, two of which were concluded in November 2011. The first stage is the building which houses two Ceará state bodies, where 600 civil servants work. Furthermore, the car park and access square to the north sector have been concluded.

The second stage includes the car park/access square to the south sector, in addition to the building of the first box office and a stretch of the road that will offer access to the Castelão stadium car park.

According to the report, 39.95% of stage 3 and 15.70% of stage 4 has been concluded. In stage 3 the central building which will house the stadium’s intelligence centre will be built. Currently, the building’s superstructure is being built, with concrete and steel being used at the base.

Photo: Ministry of Sport

In stage 4, the pitch has been lowered in four metres, which will ensure total visibility of the area by all supporters. In addition, the pillars that will hold the stadium’s new cover have begun to be put in. Stage 4, which should be concluded by August 2012, will also have a thermal-acoustical isolation, offering supporters more comfort and safety, as well as improving broadcasting.

When concluded, the Castelão will be the biggest arena in the North/Northeast and one of the four biggest in the country. The stadium will be the venue of one of the 2013 Confederations Cup semi-finals and six FIFA World Cup Brazil matches. The stadium is expected to be finished in December 2012.

In all, R$ 518.6 million are being invested, including all works being done in the stadium and in its surrounding areas, such as the building of the 70 thousand square metres access square; covered car park for 1,900 vehicles; building which are the headquarters of the two state bodies; and the operation of the stadium for eight years.

Every month, the monitoring team from the Ministry of Sport visits stadiums, airports and urban mobility services to show in images and videos, what is being done in each of the 12 host cities. Watch the video that shows the progress of the Arena Castelão constructions works in October and November 2011:


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