São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport

Telephone: +55 11 2445-2945
Address: Rodovia Hélio Smidt, Cumbica, Guarulhos/SP

Public transport


A special metropolitan bus line has been created to provide transport services from the International Guarulhos Airport to the Corinthians Arena in São Paulo. The service will be in operation on match days (12, 19, 23 and 26 June, plus 1 and 9 July) in the city of São Paulo during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  The line is part of the Airport Bus Service line and will operate the route with 15 buses going from the airport to the stadium and 9 making the return journey. The line's time of operation may be seen at http://www.emtu.sp.gov.br/emtu/itinerarios-e-tarifas/copa-do-mundo.fss.

The new line will provide executive buses with air conditioning, upholstered and reclinable seats, as well as television and water. The fare will cost R$ 36.50 and may be paid in case, debit or credit card. It will be an express service, with no stops along the way, except at the terminals at the international airport.

From the Guarulhos airport, it is possible to take the bus to several places in the city. Further information on bus lines (http://www.airportbusservice.com.br/br/linhas)

Guarulhos Airport - Tietê Bus Terminal
Price: R$ 36.50

Guarulhos Airport - Congonhas Airport
Price: R$ 36.50

Metro system
The closest metro station to the Airport is Tietê (Line 1 – Blue). From there, the passenger may take the bus to the airport.
Other stations with direct bus connections to the airport:
» Barra Funda (Line 3 - Red)
» República (Line 3 - Red)
» Tatuapé (Line 3 - Red)


Approximate price from Guarulhos Airport to the Corinthians Arena: R$ 100.00
Guarucoop (24 hours)
Telephone: +55 (11) 2440-7070

Taxis at the specific stand at the Guarulhos Airport are not allowed to charge extra fees for inter-municipal journeys, like from the airport (in the town to Guarulhos) to the Corinthians Arena (in the city of São Paulo). However, normal street taxis in Guarulhos may by law, when the passenger is not using them to return, add 50% to the total of the inter-municipal fare. Taxis in the city of São Paulo are not allowed to charge the return fee (50%) for an inter-municipal journey when going to Guarulhos Airport.


» Direct flights to 48 destinations
» International fights to eight destinations in Africa, six in Central America, fourteen in North America, thirteen in South America, six in Asia and thirteen in Europe.
» There are flights to 18 countries that will take part in the World Cup: Ivory Coast; Ghana; United States; Mexico; Argentina; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; Uruguay; South Korea; Germany; Spain; France; Netherlands; England; Italy; Portugal; Switzerland.


» Hotel Fast Sleep Guarulhos (Terminal 2)
» Free Wi-Fi connection
» Exchange Bureau
» Tourist Information Bureau
» National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)
» Federal Police
» Immigration/Customs
» Information Desk with 24 hours bilingual services
» Children and Juvenile Court
#Click on the image to see details and services provided at the arrivals and departure areas at terminals 1 and 2, and to find out more about terminal 4

Congonhas Airport in São Paulo

Telephone: +55 11 5090-9000
Address: Av. Washington Luís, Vila Congonhas, São Paulo/SP


Average price from the airport to the City Centre: R$ 32.00