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Aeromovel system

Route: Airport Metro Station/ Terminal 1 of the Salgado Filho Airport
Hours of operation: 5 am to 11h20 pm, everyday
Fare: R$ 1,70 (the metro ticket entitles passengers to use the Aeromovel system and vice-versa)
Video: see how the Aeromovel works


Conventional Line

Salgado Filho Airport/Beira-Rio
Line: T5 (Transversal 5)
Fare: R$ 2.95

Special lines

In operation on match days (15, 18, 22, 25 and 30 June)
Aeroporto/Beira- Rio
PUC-RS/Beira- Rio
Fare: R$2,95Picture: Ricardo630#Porto Alegre metro map


Route: City Centre / Beira-Rio (Av. Padre Cacique)
Fare: R$ 4.40
All with air conditioning

10.1 – Tristeza
10.3 – Cristal/Otto Niemeyer
10.4 – Ipanema e 10.41 – Ipanema/Jardim Isabel
10.5 – Guarujá/Wenceslau e 10.51 – Guarujá/Cavalhada
20.4 – Vila Nova/Praia de Belas

Metro system

Fare: R$ 1.70 (single ticket)
Hours of operation: From 05:00am to 11:20pm
Closest station to Beira-Rio: Mercado (6 km away from the stadium)
Further informationwww.trensurb.gov.br

Parking spaces

There will be two private parking areas (Park & Ride) at the Rio Grande do Sul Pontifical Catholic University (PUCRS), with over 2 thousand spaces. The Jockey Club will offer 2.5 thousand parking spaces. With a match ticket, drivers will be able to use the transfer service to the bust stop near the stadium and walk the rest of the way.

Three parking areas are also anticipated for charter and tourism coaches, able to cater for up to 385 buses. The areas will be located at the Praia de Belas Avenue and in two spots at the quay.


The BikePoa system, a shared bicycle system, enables people to move from the city's historic centre, Cidade Baixa or Bom Fim, to the surrounding area of the Beira-Rio stadium. There are 39 stations and 390 bicycles are available to users. For further information: www.mobilicidade.com.br/bikepoa.


Approximate price from the Airport to the Beira-Rio stadium: R$ 40.00
Taxi meter starts on R$ 4.22

Rate 1: R$ 2.11
» Monday to Friday, from 06:00am to 08:00pm, Saturdays from 06:00am to 03:00pm

Rate 2: R$ 2.74
» Working days from 08:00pm to 06:00am
» Saturdays from 03:00pm
» Sundays and holidays

Hour waiting: R$ 14.90