Salgado Filho Airport

Telephone: +55 51 3358-2000
Address: Av. Severo Dullius, 90010 - Anchieta, Porto Alegre - RS, 90200-310

Public transport

Bus (convencional line) - route Salgado Filho Airport/Beira-Rio Stadium
Line T5:
Goes through the airport and to the Av. Borges de Medeiros and Av. Loureiro da Silva crossroad, near Beira-Rio.
Fare: R$ 2.95

Bus (special line) – Airport-hotels

The line will connect the airport to several points of the city, using a route covering approximately 30 kilometres, going past many hotels. The service will be put in operation at the beginning of June and will be ran for a year, on a trial basis. Six buses with 25 seats and room for luggage will leave at every 30 minutes.
Fare: R$ 5.00

Special lines - On match days (15, 18, 22, 25 and 30 June), route Airport/Beira-Rio
Fare: R$2,95

Aeromovel system
Connects the metro Airport Station to Terminal 1 at the airport
Hours of operation: 5h am to 11h20 pm everyday
Fare: R$ 1.70 ( the metro ticket entitles passengers to use the Aeromovel system and vice-versa)

Average price from the airport to the Beira-Rio Stadium: R$ 40.00
Average price from the airport to the City Centre: R$ 40.00


» 220 regular flights between departures and arrivals
» International flights to Buenos Aires and Rosario (Argentina); Montevideo (Uruguay); Lima (Peru); Lisbon (Portugal); Miami (United States); and Panama City


» Free Wi-Fi connection
» Exchange Bureau
» Tourist Information Bureau
» National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)
» Federal Police
» Immigration/Customs
» Information Desk
» Children and Juvenile Court