Tips for moving around in Fortaleza


Special bus lines will be put in operation on match days in Fortaleza (14, 17, 21, 24 and 29 June, and 4 July)
Fare: free, as long as passengers produce a ticket for the match


» Airport/ Castelão Arena
» Hotel Area/ Castelão Arena
» Unifor/Events Centre/ Castelão Arena
» Via Sul/Castelão Arena
» Cambeba/ Castelão Arena
» Parangaba Shopping Centre/ Castelão Arena
» North Shopping Joquei/ Castelão Arena
» Campus do Pici/ Castelão Arena
» Iguatemi Shopping/ Castelão Arena

On normal days only regular lines will be in operation:

For the route Pinto Martins Airport – Castelão:
At the airport, passengers may take the 66 line – Parangaba/Papicu/Aeroporto towards the Parangaba terminal. At the terminal, they may take lines 41 – Parangaba/Oliveira Paiva/Papicu (get off at the stop on Av. Paulino Rocha) or 312 – Dias Macedo/Parangaba (get off at the stop on Av. Alberto Craveiro). In this case, passengers will pay only R$ 2.20, as a result of the integration system.

At the stop on Av. Carlos Jereissati, on the opposite side of the airport, passengers may take lines 27 – Siqueira/Papicu/Aeroporto or 66 – Parangaba/Papicu/Aeroporto towards the Makro supermarket. At the stop in front of Makro, passengers may take lines 603 – Jardim União/Centro, 605 – Cj. Pref. José Walter/BR 116/Av. I or 606 - Cj. Pref. José Walter/BR 116/Av. N and get off on Av. Alberto Craveiro, close to the Castelão Arena. In this case, passengers pay R$ 2.20 on the first bus and another R$ 2.20 on the second bus.

Other conventional lines that go near the Castelão:
Fare: R$ 2.20
603 - Jardim União/Centro
605 – Cj. Pref José Walter/Br 116/Av. I
606 – Cj. Pref José Walter/Br 116/Av. N
633 - Passaré/Centro
024 - Antônio Bezerra/Lagoa/Unifor
041 - Parangaba/Oliveira Paiva/Papicu
311 - Castelão/Parangaba
312 – Dias Macedo/Parangaba
321 - Jardim União/Parangaba
660 – Cj. Palmeiras/Centro/Expresso
328 – Castelão/Parangaba
666 – Jardim Castelão

Complementar (van)
705 – Canindezinho/Iguatemi

After midnight
034 - Corujão Av. Paranjana I
035 - Corujão Av. Paranjana II
065 – Corujão/Barroso/Jardim Violeta

Metro system

West line:
Fare: R$ 1.00
R$ 0.50 for students, as long as they provide a valid student card
Hours of operation: 05:30am to 08:00pm

South Line: in testing stage
Fare: free for now
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, from 08:00am to 12:00pm
* On match days in Fortaleza (14, 17, 21, 24 and 29 June, and 4 July), the south line will be in operation two hours before kick-off and for two hours after the end of each match
* Stations Padre Cícero and Juscelino Kubitschek are expected to be operational by June

The closest station to the Castelão Arena: Parangaba Station on the South Line, which is close to the Parangaba Shopping Centre, where special buses will leave for the Castelão Arena

Further information:


Approximate price from the Pinto Martins Airport to the Castelão Arena: R$ 20.00

Taxi meter starts on R$ 4.00

Rate 1: R$ 2.00
» Monday to Friday, from 06:00am to 08:00pm, Saturdays from 06:00am to 01:00pm

Rate 2: R$ 2.40
» Working days from 08:00pm to 06:00am
» Saturdays from 01:00pm
» Sundays and holidays

Hour waiting: R$ 20.00
Luggage: no charge

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