Tips for moving around in Cuiabá


Route Marechal Rondon Airport - Pantanal Arena
On normal days, inter-municipal line 7 provides bus services to the airport and the stadium's region.
Fare: R$ 2.85 

On match days (13, 17, 21 and 24 June), special lines will be put in operation:
A line for the airport—Pantanal Arena route
Five lines for the hotel areas – Pantanal Arena routes
Two lines for the route parking lots (UNIC/UNIRODON and UNIVAG-VAG) - Pantanal Arena
Two lines for the Central region – Pantanal Arena route
A line for the route bus station - Pantanal Arena
A line for the route airport – city centre

Conventional bus lines that go past the Pantanal Arena
Inter-municipal lines from Várzea Grande to Cuiabá: Line 7 and 8
Fare: R$ 2.85

Cuiabá Lines: 605, 609, 101, 102, 103, 106
Fare: R$ 2.80


Approximate price from Marechal Rondon Airport to the Pantanal Arena: R$ 45.00

Taxi meter starts on R$ 4.80 (Cuiabá) / R$ 5.93 (Várzea Grande)

Rate 1: R$ 2.82 (Cuiabá) / R$ 3.37 (Várzea Grande)
» Monday to Friday, from 06:00am to 08:00pm
» Saturday, from 06:00am to 12:00pm

Rate 2: R$ 3.95 (Cuiabá) / R$ 4.74 (Várzea Grande)
» Monday to Friday, from 08:00pm to 06:00am
» Saturdays from 12:00pm
» Sundays and holidays
» Whenever there are three or more passengers
» To and from Marechal Rondon Airport

Hour waiting: R$ R$ 18.98 (Cuiabá) / R$ 18.98 (Várzea Grande)