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Tancredo Neves International Airport (Confins)

Telephone: + 55 31 3689-2700
Address: Municipality of Confins (state of Minas Gerais), 40 km away from Belo Horizonte City Centre

Transport - Confins/Mineirão

Special bus – Terminal Copa (for match days: 14, 17, 24 and 28 June, and 8 July)

Buses will leave the "Terminal Copa". The service to the stadium will start five hours before kick-off and will finish an hour before the matches. On the way back, buses will operate for up to two hours after the game.

Fans may purchase their tickets: R$ 10 each way.

Regular bus service

No conventional bus line does this route. Passengers have to take the Confins Airport - Pampulha Airport connection bus service, which leaves them around 2.5 km away from the stadium.

Route Confins Airport – Pampulha Airport – Belo Horizonte Bus Station
Conventional bus fare: R$ 9.50

Route Confins Airport – Belo Horizonte City Centre (Álvares Cabral Terminal)
Executive bus fare: R$ 21

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Approximate fare from Confins to the Mineirão: R$ 85.00


» 301 regular flights between departures and arrivals
» International flights to Buenos Aires (Argentina); Lisbon (Portugal); Miami (United States)


» Free Wi-Fi connection
» Snack Bar
» Exchange Bureau
» Tourist Information Bureau
» National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)
» Federal Police
» Immigration/Customs
» Information Desk with 24 hours bilingual services
» Children and Juvenile Court

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Pampulha Airport (Domestic)

Telephone: +55 (31) 3490.2020
Distance to Belo Horizonte City Centre: 8 km
Address: Praça Bagatelle, 204, bairro São Luiz
Telephone: +55 31 3224-1002

A taxi from the airport to the city centre costs on average R$ 35.00