Video: see what the World Cup host cities look like 14 days from the beginning of the tournament

29/05/2014 - 15:08
Images show street decorations, stadiums, building works finished at airports, final adjustments in ports and already delivered mobility interventions.

Images recorded in May 2014 by the Ministry of Sport’s team provide an overview of construction works for the 2014 FIFA World Cup at the 12 host cities. The grounds where the 64 matches will be held, finalised construction works in airports, final stages of interventions in ports and urban mobility projects are shown. In Belo Horizonte, the BRT Move is being tested. In Rio de Janeiro, the Transcarioca – where some routes are already in operation - will be officially delivered this weekend. The Mario Andreazza corridor is already being used by drivers in Cuiabá. Construction works carried out to improve access to the airport in Brasilia have been delivered. Mobility interventions in the surrounding area of the Corinthians Arena are in their final stages.

The building of a new airport in the state of Rio Grande do Norte has become a reality in São Gonçalo do Amarante. Indeed, it will be officially open for operations this Saturday (31.05). In addition, it is possible to see details of new terminals in Manaus, Galeão (Rio de Janeiro), Brasilia and Guarulhos (São Paulo), as well as the temporary terminal in Fortaleza.

According to INFRAERO, the airport structure is able to supply for more than the demand expected in the World Cup in the 12 host cities. Passenger terminals at the ports in Natal and Salvador are expected to be delivered in June. Such terminal will also be in operation in Fortaleza during the World Cup. In Recife, the passenger terminal at the port has been in operation since last year.

The 12 stadiums that will host World Cup matches have undergone official tests and have been delivered to FIFA. Construction works in the surrounding areas of the stadiums, like the Quinta da Boa Vista Promenada, alongside the Maracanã, as well as access ways to the Pernambuco Arena have been finished.

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