Upper stand of Brasilia National Stadium begins to be assembled

09/05/2012 - 12:18
Pre-molded structures are made at the building site

The building works of the National Mané Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia started a new stage: the pre-molded concrete parts that will make up the upper stands have begun to be assembled. The sector’s capacity will be of 39,050 people: it is more than half of the total (approximately 70 thousand seats).

The mass production process of the pre-molded parts is being done at the building site itself since December 2011. The solution speeds up delivery and does not generate any additional costs. In addition, it ensures better finishing on the parts and consequently, increases the concrete’s useful life.

“The pre-molded parts are a faster option because they are being produced on site and just need to be assembled in their place. The risk of accidents for workers is also lower, as they do not have to be exposed to great heights”, explained Brasilia’s Local Organising Committee coordinator, Sérgio Graça.

Approximately 20 workers are involved in the assembly process, which is done with the use of a crane that can hold up to 650 tons.  Eight to ten parts are expected to be put in a day. 1,083 of the 1,604 parts needed for the upper stand have already been produced. Approximately 100 people work in the production of the parts.

Photo: Secom/DF#

Currently, 56% of the National Stadium construction works have been finished. The lower stand has been finished, 90% of the middle stand has been finalised and 73% of the pre-molded parts that will be used in the upper stand have been produced and have begun to be put in. 
In April, building installations were started (water pipes, sewage system, electricity, telephone and fire fighting systems) and special fittings (specific for a stadium, such as telecommunications and access control), in addition to the finishing work (masonry, floor fittings, among others).

The pillars, which are over 36 metres in height and the promenade's ring, with 300 metres in diameter, are being readied to offer support to the metal rooftop cover, which will protect 70 thousand people from the sun and rain. Approximately 3.6 thousand builders are at work at the site, working in three different shifts.

Source: Secretariat of Communication - Federal District Government

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