Twenty-five per cent of construction works of Fortaleza’s LRV is finished

18/02/2013 - 09:39
The line shall pass through 22 neighbourhoods in the city. The construction works are expected to be concluded by December 2013

Twenty-five per cent of construction works of the Parangaba-Mucuripe LRV – which will connect the neighbourhood of Parangaba to Fortaleza’s beachfront, passing through another 22 areas – have been concluded. The information was provided by the government of the state of Ceará. The project is one of the city’s main interventions for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The new transport mode will operate in a two way rail track, covering a distance of 12.7 km between the Parangaba station and the Mucuripe neighbourhood, with 11.3 km being covered on the surface and 1.5 km above surface level. The estimate is that approximately 100 thousand people with benefit daily from the system.

Delivery date has been set for December 2013. Until the end of February, over 220 people will be hired to work for the construction project.

Fortaleza shall be the stage of three FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 and another six 2014 FIFA World Cup games.

Source: Ceará State Government

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