Tourists spend R$ 500 million in Fortaleza during first phase of the World Cup

27/06/2014 - 14:56
At least 167,000 visitors attended the four group-phase matches held in the Castelão Arena

Getty Images#The tourists who travelled to Fortaleza for the first phase of the World Cup have directly injected about R$ 500 million in the city's economy. The numbers were presented this Wednesday (25 June) at a press conference held at the city's Open Media Centre (OMC). According to the Special Secretary for World Cup Matters (Secopa) of the State of Ceará, Ferruccio Feitosa, most of the spending by Brazilian and foreign visitors have been with accommodation, trade, services and sightseeing.

Of the 167,000 visitors who bought tickets for the Castelão Arena's four matches in the first phase, 94,500 were foreigners and 72,500 were visitors from other states of Brazil. In total, the stadium received 237,700 fans - an average of 59,400 per match and an attendance rate of 93%. Including visitors who travelled to the Ceará capital without tickets for the Castelão matches, it is estimated that over 200,000 people visited the city during the first phase.

Upcoming matches

According to Secretary Feitosa, 91.8 thousand fans have bought tickets for the round of sixteen and quarter-final matches to be held at the Castelão. For the match between Netherlands and Mexico this Sunday (29 June), the stadium will receive 28,400 foreigners visitors and 16,000 fans from other states in the stands. The expectation is for 7,000 Mexicans and 1,500 Dutch to attend the match. For the quarter-final match, estimates are of 19,800 foreign tourists and 27,600 Brazilian visitors. The two matches are expected to have at least 60,000 people in attendance each.

Fan Fest


The city’s Fan Fest arena in Iracema Beach received 357,000 people in the first phase of the World Cup (average of 25,500 per day). The peak audience was recorded on the day of the match between Brazil and Mexico, on 17 June, when 44,000 people visited the space.


Over 183,000 people have used the 300 special buses deployed to take fans to the Castelão in the first phase - an average of 45,000 per match. In total there were 40,000 fans in the duel between Uruguay and Costa Rica, 45,000 in Brazil and vs. Mexico, 50,000 in Ghana vs. Germany and 48,000 in the match between Greece and Ivory Coast.  Besides those, 12,000 fans with disabilities were transported to the door of the stadium by special minibuses.

Solid waste

The 100 recyclable waste pickers working in Fortaleza during the World Cup have already collected 22.5 tonnes of waste in the surroundings of the Castelão arena and in the ​​Fan Fest area (in Iracema Beach). They expect to collect 30 tonnes more until the end of the World.

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