Tourists inject over R$ 330 million in Natal in 13 days during the World Cup

13/07/2014 - 09:49
Survey polled a thousand people between 12-25 June, including foreign and domestic visitors

The approximately 180,000 tourists who visited Natal in the period between 12-25 June for the World Cup spent an average of R$ 1,854 each in the city, including expenditures with meals, accommodation, travel and leisure. This means that, together, these visitors injected about R$ 333.74 million in the economy. The vast majority of visitors (69.6%) had come to the city for the first time, and 69.2% want to come back another time. The numbers are part of the survey "Profile of tourists in Natal during the World Cup" conducted by the Trade Research and Development Institute (IPDC). The IPDC is connected to the Federation of Goods, Services and Tourism Trade (Fecomércio) of the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

The survey indicates that, in general, the average visitor to the city during the period was aged between 35 and 59 years (49.4%), came with his/her family (46.4%) and had high monthly income - 47.4% of respondents earned between R$ 7,000 and R$ 15,000/month. Mexico (11.9%), United States (11.1%) and Japan (10.3%) were the countries that sent most visitors to Natal.

Each tourist spent an average of five days in the city. The average R$ 1,854.11 spending was well split. When asked to indicate what items they spent money on, 80.7% of respondents mentioned food and beverages, 62.8% reported spending on accommodation, 56.8% spent on costs with transportation/transit and 51% said they went shopping in town.


The survey also asked visitors to score a few items in the city from zero to ten. The highest average score was for Natural Attractions (8.93), followed by Hospitality (8.79), Food (8.4%) and Lodging (7.89). The item Access and Transport - in part due to the bus strike which removed many buses from the circulating fleet - was the worst-ranked item: 6.69.

Regarding prices in Natal, 64.9% of respondents rated them as "Normal" and 27.9% rated prices as "High".

Source: Fecomércio-Rio Grande do Norte

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