Survey points out that 75.8% of foreign tourists who came to Brazil for the Confederations Cup want to come back

20/09/2013 - 11:12
Study conducted during the tournament shows that foreign visitors stayed on average 14.3 days in the country and spent around R$ 4,060

On Wednesday (18.09), Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism published the findings of a survey that outlined the profile of tourists who visited the country during the Confederations Cup. The study draws attention to the fact a high percentage of foreign tourists intend on coming back to Brazil. According to the survey, 75.8% stated that they intend to come back for the World Cup.

On average, foreign visitors stayed in the country for 14.3 days, which is more than domestic travellers (5.5 nights), with 74.6% of them staying at hotels. In addition to host cities, they also visited other places. In all, foreign visitors travelled to 132 Brazilian locations.

“The World Cup will be a very special moment to show the country’s tourist potential to foreign travellers. We’ve been working to increase the legacy of the big events and enable the country to get as big as gain as possible after the last match", said Tourism Minister Gastão Vieira.

The most visited cities were Rio de Janeiro (67.5%), Fortaleza (25.8%) and Belo Horizonte (23.3%). The most visited non-host cities were Porto de Galinhas beach, in the municipality of Ipojuca in the state of Pernambuco (2.7%), Iguaçu Falls in the state of Paraná (2.1%) and Armação de Buzios, in the state of Rio de Janeiro (1.9%).

Each foreign visitor spent on average R$ 4,060 during their stay in the country. In the opinion of those who were interviewed, the best tourist related infrastructure was restaurants (93.6%) and lodgings (87.2%).  Taxi services were also well assessed (88.3%), as well as public security (78.3%) and public transport (72.8%).

» Read more about the survey published by the Ministry of Tourism (content in Portuguese)


The expectations of visitors in relation to their trip to Brazil were in general met or more than met, according to over 70% of respondents. Better assessed items, mentioned spontaneously by interviewees were how hospitable the Brazilian people is (32.9%), the beaches and natural beauty (25.6%) and stadiums (20.5%).

The survey was commissioned by the Foundation Institute of Economic Research (FIPE) and requested by the Ministry of Tourism. 15,567 interviews were conducted at stadiums, 2,817 of them were local residents and 11,019 were Brazilians from other states, as well as 1,731 foreign visitors. In addition, 1,338 interviews were done with foreign visitors at airports in Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and at the International Airport in São Paulo.

Source: Ministry of Tourism

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