With stellar performance by Benzema, France beats Honduras in Beira-Rio stadium

15/06/2014 - 23:30
Goal-line technology was essential in confirming the second French goal in Porto Alegre

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The fans in the Beira-Rio stadium did their best to push the Honduras national team forward, but France's superiority ultimately prevailed. The French won by 3-0 in the first World Cup match held in Porto Alegre.

Benzema, voted man of the match by FIFA, opened the score at the 44th minute converting a penalty suffered by Pogba. Left with only ten on the pitch after Palácios was sent off for the penalty foul, Honduras was unable to withstand the pressure by the French and the score increased in the second half. The second goal was confirmed with the help of the new goal-line technology after a shot by the Real Madrid striker. The ball hit the crossbar, brushed goalkeeper Valladares and fully entered the goal. At the 72nd minute, Benzema scored the last goal of the match by netting a rebound ball.

On the other match of Group E, also held this Sunday, Switzerland beat Ecuador by 2-1. The next games of the group are scheduled for 20 June: Switzerland vs. France in the Fonte Nova Arena, in Salvador, and Honduras vs. Ecuador at the Baixada Arena in Curitiba.

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France's superiority over Honduras on the pitch was a point of consensus in the press conferences given by the two coaches at the end of the match in the Beira-Rio stadium (Porto Alegre). But while the Latin American commander recognized his defeat, he also showed some discomfort with his first experience using goal-line technology in the World Cup.

The confusion generated from playing the second goal in the big screen generated loud booing at the stadium, which led Honduran coach Luis Suárez to raise doubts about the effectiveness of the system. When the shot from Benzema hit the crossbar the ball did not completely enter the goal immediately afterwards, as shown in the footage generated by the goal-line technology. Only after brushing against the goalkeeper on the way back from the crossbar did the Brazuca completely get in, and both moments were shown on the stadium's big screen. Nevertheless, the coach admitted he was unable to thwart the advances by the French. "There are no excuses about what we saw in terms of football. France was superior. We need to improve our tactical formation in order to evolve," he said.

French coach Didier Deschamps also commented on the second goal and the use of the technology. "It's a good solution. The goal was valid, the referee received the signal and called it. The problem was the screen showing two different moments. I understand the complaints by Honduras. FIFA should show the image that justifies and supports the referee's decision," he said.

At the end of the conference he also celebrated the support of French fans, who made themselves heard at the Beira-Rio (despite being fewer in number) with lots of energy and celebration. "I was very happy to hear the French National Anthem sung from the stands. It is natural that Latin American teams will have more support in South America, since they are closer to home, but we also had our fans," he added.

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