Squads decide on Team Base Camps for the World Cup in Brazil

03/02/2014 - 17:47
The 32 national squads that will take part in the World Cup have chosen 26 different cities, in nine Brazilian states. São Paulo will play host to 15 delegations

The 32 national squads that have qualified for the 2014 World Cup have chosen where they will stay and train before, and during the tournament. This Friday (31.01), FIFA published the list of Team Base Camps (TBCs) chosen by the national federations. In all, twenty-six cities in nine states will play host to the squads. The choices are very much in line with the federal government's goal of making the tournament reach towns nationwide.

São Paulo (southeast region) will be the state playing host to the biggest number of teams, with fifteen staying there. They are followed by Rio de Janeiro, which will play host to four national squads. Then, we have Bahia (northeast region) and Minas Gerais (southeast region) with three each, while Paraná (south region) and Espírito Santo (southeast region) have been chosen by two federations each. Alagoas, Sergipe (both in the northeast) and Rio Grande do Sul (south) will host one squad each.

FIFA put together a brochure with 83 Team Base Camps (which include a hotel and a training centre), so that federations could choose where they would like to set up shop during the tournament. After the final 2014 World Cup draw on 6 December, the 31 foreign delegations started visiting these venues.

The only exceptions, as in federations that will not use TBCs from FIFA’s list are Brazil (host country), which will use the Comary Ranch in Teresópolis (state of Rio de Janeiro) as their base and Germany, who decided to use the Santa Cruz de Cabrália centre (state of Bahia). 

In addition to the Germans, the state of Bahia will also play host to Switzerland in Porto Seguro and Croatia at Forte Beach, Mata de São João Municipality. Still in the northeast region, the state of Sergipe shall play host to Greece, while Alagoas will be home to Ghana during the tournament.

The south region is where current holders Spain decided to stay, choosing the Caju TBC, which belongs to Atletico Paranaense Football Club, in the city of Curitiba – state of Paraná. South Korea has decided to stay at Foz do Iguaçu (state of Paraná), while Ecuador has opted for the Viamão TBC, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In addition to Brazil, the state of Rio de Janeiro will play host to Italy – in Mangaratiba -, as well as England and the Netherlands, both in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The capital of the state of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, will play host to Chile, who opted for the Toca da Raposa II, Cruzeiro’s training centre. Argentina has chosen to use Cidade do Galo, Atlético Mineiro’s training facilities and will stay in Vespasiano, in the Belo Horizonte metropolitan region. The state will also host Uruguay, who chose the town of Sete Lagoas as their TBC. Still in the southeast region, the state of Espírito Santo has been chosen by Australia and Cameroon.

The state of São Paulo will play host to the United States and Costa Rica, who will stay in the city of Santos; Honduras, in Porto Feliz; France, in Ribeirão Preto; Iran, in Guarulhos; Portugal and Nigeria, in Campinas; Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Guarujá; Ivory Coast, in Águas de Lindóia; Belgium, in Mogi das Cruzes; Colombia, in Cotia; Algeria, in Sorocaba; and finally, Russia and Japan, in Itu.

Between 19 and 20 February, the managers of the 32 squads taking part in the World Cup will attend a workshop in Florianopolis, which will address issues related to the organisation of the competition, including a presentation about transport operations, as well as room and board at training venues.

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