Shops and restaurants at the Castelão will open even when there are no matches

16/12/2012 - 14:25
Stadium’s promenade will have kiosks that may be turned into bars regardless of the events’ schedule. Ground floor will have a shopping centre

The new Castelão Arena will have food courts that will supply the stadium and its external areas not just on match days. There are 44 kiosks, with snack bars on the lower rings, also facing the promenade. Furthermore, following the arena's multi-purpose concept, a shopping centre with clothing shops will open. The ground will be delivered this Sunday (16.12).

The snack bars at the square will open regardless of there being an event on or not at the arena. They may also be used as bars. There will be 20 kiosks facing the pitch and another 24 on the side of the square.

The cultural space currently inside the Castelão Arena will be replaced by a food court with 1,750 square metres. All of the stadium will be supplied by two big industrial kitchens.

The idea of setting up a mainstream shopping centre comes from a market research study done to understand what could be commercially viable in the region. “In order to bring a great number of people here on a daily basis, we could not have expensive shops. Therefore, the option was to choose a more mainstream shopping centre", stated Silvio Andrade, President of the Castelão Arena, in charge of the stadium's refurbishment and operation until 2018.

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» Castelão is the first 2014 World Cup Stadium to be delivered
» See details of Castelão's architecture project

» Sustainability, one of the traits of the project of the stadium in Fortaleza

» Modern, retract and resistant seats
» Accessibility: 2,4% of Castelão capacity will be reserved for wheel chair users, people with reduced mobility and obese people

» The pitch at the Castelão will be closer; the ground will also have big screens and changing rooms for up to four teams
» Security system at the Castelão has 240 cameras

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