See details of the roof of the Dunas Arena in Natal. Eighty four per cent of the stadium has been finished

21/08/2013 - 11:47
Twenty petal-shaped metal structures will be put up and the first module has already started to be lifted

Flycam/July 2013

In the month of July, 84% of construction works of the Dunas Arena (Brazil northeast region) had been finished. The first metal module of the roof structure is already being lifted. The process started on 30 July in the ground’s west side. When finished, the module shall be 50 metres tall and 60 long.

In all, the roof will be made up of 20 petal-shaped structures. Lifting each piece involves an operation that uses several pieces of equipment, among them a 500-ton capacity crane, measuring approximately 100 metres in height. The roof will also have a PVC membrane, which will be put up in the structure's lower level.

The pitch’s draining and irrigation services have been concluded. The turf started being laid down on 14 August.

In addition, electricity and hydraulics installation services are being undertaken. Furthermore, the air conditioning system is being installed, metal and glass window frames are being assembled, the external area is being paved, and finishing and waterproofing work is being done.

The Dunas Arena shall be the stage of four 2014 FIFA World Cup matches and has been scheduled to be delivered in December 2013.

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