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16/12/2012 - 12:34
The stadium in Fortaleza is coated by stainless steel and the rooftop cover reduces the heat

After approximately two years of refurbishment works, the Castelão Arena has taken shape with a built-up area of 150 thousand square metres and a 55 thousand square metres promenade. Throughout this time, approximately five thousand workers have been employed at the building site, with two thousand builders working at the same time at the peak of the construction works, which currently has 1,400 collaborators.

The stadium in Fortaleza for the Confederations Cup and the World Cup is coated by a stainless steel fairing and a “glass skin”.

“The façade surrounds the whole arena so that the concrete, at the back of the stand, is not seen. The stainless steel fairing is fixed between 68 forty-two metre tall pillars. Furthermore, we have the glass skin, which is a curved façade in front of the main building, designed with aesthetics, beauty and usefulness in mind”, explained the President of the Castelão Arena, Silvio Andrade.

The “glass skin” is made up of around 760 parts, each 1.51m by 2.42m. Together, they make up an area of approximate 2,800 square metres. Moreover, it will reflect the sun rays, thus, reducing the heat.

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The structure that covers the ground will be coated in translucent thermal-acoustic material, aimed at reducing the heat for fans.  Fortaleza is a very sunny and hot city. The material does not absorb heat and allows for the circulation of air in the stadium.  

“We have a 36 thousand square metres rooftop cover. Each tile has 40m of aluminium and 10m of polycarbonate. They are water proof. We visited a technology research institute to conduct a study on temperature comfort and security. “The test was spectacular”, stated the Ceará State World Cup Secretary Ferrucio Feitosa.

Furthermore, the rooftop cover has acoustic sound proofing, which will improve the experience for supporters and the broadcasting of the matches. The polycarbonate area of the rooftop cover will supply ideal shade and avoid contrasts in television broadcasts.

» Click on the side of each picture to compare the project (to the left) to the current pictures (to the right)


» Electronic mock-up:

See the full coverage of the Castelão's delivery ceremony:

» Castelão is the first 2014 World Cup Stadium to be delivered
» Sustainability, one of the traits of the project of the stadium in Fortaleza
» Modern, retract and resistant seats
» Accessibility: 2,4% of Castelão capacity will be reserved for wheel chair users, people with reduced mobility and obese people

» The pitch at the Castelão will be closer; the ground will also have big screens and changing rooms for up to four teams
» Security system at the Castelão has 240 cameras
» Shops and restaurants at the Castelão will open even when there are no matches

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