President of Embratur: “The World Cup generated more than 15% of the 4.8 million jobs created during President Rousseff’s administration”

19/06/2014 - 17:22
Q&A withVicente Neto, President of Embratur

The Q&A below was produced by the João Saldanha Open Media Centre (OMC) team at the Copacabana Fort in Rio de Janeiro, and can be used freely by media for reporting.  Please attribute quotes to Vicente Neto, President of Embratur.

OMC: What is the estimated total number of jobs created in the tourism sector by the World Cup?

President of Embratur, Vicente Neto: The overall number of jobs generated by the World Cup is close to 1 million; 710,000 are permanent jobs and 200,000 are temporary. Of this total amount, approximately 50,000 workers entered the tourism sector directly. This means that the World Cup represents more than 15 percent of the jobs created during the administration of President Dilma Rousseff.

OMC: What are the main professional development investments made in the tourism sector related to the World Cup?

President of Embratur, Vicente Neto – There were R$ 16.3 million invested in Pronatec Tourism, which trained more than 160,000 Brazilian nationals to receive domestic and foreign tourists. In language courses alone, there were almost 30,000 enrollments. By “workforce development," it’s not just Pronatec or language courses; the entire tourism trade benefits. The workforce development entities in the “S System” have offered courses for artisans, and there were courses offered in all host cities for taxi and bus drivers, among others.

OMC: How can events such as the World Cup boost the tourism sector in Brazil?

President of Embratur, Vicente Neto: I think the World Cup brings Brazil’s tourism sector to a new level. With this event alone, we are creating about 1 million jobs directly, not considering indirect jobs. We can add to this about R$ 30 billion, which according to research by the think tank FIPE, will be injected into Brazil’s overall economy. In the tourism sector alone, we estimate R$ 6.7 billion in spending by 3.7 million domestic and foreign tourists who will travel the country during the event. 

It is important to highlight that these new jobs require, in large part, a higher skill level. With this, we are following a directive from President Rousseff to implement Pronatec Tourism, a part of Pronatec, which is the largest technical workforce development program in Brazil’s history.

OMC: What impact will the World Cup have in attracting tourists to Brazil?

President of Embratur, Vicente Neto: Embratur, the Brazilian Tourism Board, has conducted a strong international campaign called Goal to Brazil. We launched in 14 countries and now we are reaping the results of our promotion efforts with the arrival of well-informed tourists. There will be about 600,000 tourists from other countries coming to Brazil during the World Cup. We held, for instance, two major promotional events in this period in Colombia, which is now the fifth largest foreign buyer of tickets. 

OMC: How will the World Cup help Brazil’s promotion as a tourist destination from now on?

President of Embratur, Vicente Neto: We will apply the successful case of the World Cup in Brazil to the events calendar in the second half of the year, and show how this success can influence business deals. We will do this together with Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), which is something new. We will maximize Brazil’s promotion efforts of its image and products abroad in one single coordinated effort.

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