Porto de Galinhas is one of the leisure options for World Cup fans in Recife

23/06/2014 - 13:13
Famous beach on the south coast of Pernambuco is about 1 hour and a half away from the capital

Considered the most famous beach on the Pernambuco coast, Porto de Galinhas is one of the leisure options for the fans who are watching the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 matches in Recife.

Boasting a paradisiacal landscape, Porto de Galinhas offers a wide range of attractions for tourists who are looking for relaxation and enjoyment at the same time, including its splendid natural ponds with crystalline clear waters formed among the corals, where diving is very common to admire the reefs and the typical colourful fishes from the region.

In order to get access to the natural ponds, an environmental preservation area, it is possible to have a guided walking tour when there is low tide, or choose a pleasant raft ride, costing R$ 20 per person for a 45 minutes to an hour journey that provides plenty of time to have a swim and unwind.

For those tourists willing to have more adventure, there is a high availability of buggy rental to explore the area, with prices varying from R$ 200 and R$ 250 for the ride between 3 and 6 hours long passing by different beaches in the south coast, such as Cupe Beach, Governador Beach, Maracaípe (surfers' point), Pontal de Maracaípe and Muro Alto, ideal for kite surf fans.

Another touristic attraction close to Porto de Galinhas is the Maracaípe mangrove, perfect background to completely disconnect from the external world in a relaxing and calm raft ride throughout the coastal water inlet, getting refreshed on the warm waters and discovering the flora and fauna of the region, such as crabs and seahorses.


About an hour and a half from Recife, Porto de Galinhas has got broad infrastructure with different restaurants serving typical regional food, bars, handcraft shops, including also varied accommodation options in Porto de Galinhas village and its surroudings, comprising of 250 to 300 lodgings and 16 hotels for all tastes and pockets.

According to Daniel Jacarandá, Commercial Manager at Porto de Galinhas Hotels Association, it is expected that the hotels’ occupation gets around 80% to 90% during the group and round of 16 phases, when Arena Pernambuco will be hosting games during the World Cup 2014.  In low season, the daily rate at the hotels vary from R$ 350 to R$ 800 for two people.

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Porto de Galinhas was originated at the XVI century, during the Portuguese colonisation in Brazil.  At that time, the Portuguese used to transport the slaves clandestinely from Africa, bringing them hidden among cages with galinhas d’angola (Angola Hens), a delicacy widely consumed by the settlers.  Once a new load arrived to the shore, the slaves were landed at night and presented for sale to sugar mill owners who were tipped off by the saying: “There are new hens at the port”. For this reason, the place was nominated as “Porto das Galinhas”.


Since 1997, Porto de Galinhas got its own identity by the hands of the artist Gilberto Carcará. Walking down the beach’s streets,  tourists can see different caricatured chickens made of coconut roots, typical tree in the area, including telephone booths in chicken shape and sculptures mixing famous faces around the world, such as Monalisa, from Leonardo da Vinci, featuring beaks and traces from this emblematic animal at the exhibition “Mitos do Mundo” (“Myths of the World”).

In this case, the art gallery is open air with all different types of chicken, including Michael Jackson, Salvador Dalí and Marilyn Monroe, all spread out around the villa. “The chicken is the simplest art piece, the most objective and the one who brings me more results. All of them are made of local products, enhancing the place’s identity and the playful element”, said Carcará.

Source: Open Media Centre - Pernambuco

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