The pitch at the Castelão will be closer; the ground will also have big screens and changing rooms for up to four teams

16/12/2012 - 13:06
Distance between the first row of seats and the pitch will be of ten metres. Lighting will be taken care of by 332 reflectors and two electronic boards will help to disseminate important information

One of the main concepts of the refurbishment works of the Castelão Arena in Fortaleza is convenience, comfort and easy access to all fans, players, managers and even the FIFA 2014 World Cup mascot.

The stadium has 85 lavatories spread throughout the building. Nine changing rooms were built. During the Confederations Cup, four of them will be put aside for players, two for referees, two for the technical staff and one for the mascot Fuleco.

“The changing rooms may house up to four teams. It is possible to hold a preliminary match and then a main game without a team interfering the preparation of the other”, stated Silvio Andrade, President of the Castelão Arena, in charge of the stadium's refurbishment works and operation until 2018.

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When the matches are held at night, 332 reflectors, each with two thousand Watts of power, will help to ensure visibility everywhere on the pitch, which is 105 metres long and 68 metres wide. In order to ensure that people may move comfortably in the stands and building, there are another one thousand reflectors.

“In addition, in the external area, we have nineteen 28 metre high lamp posts with four to eight two thousand Watts reflectors, which light up the promenade”, stated Silvio Andrade.

The grass used in the pitch is called Bermuda and the type chosen was Celebration, specific for tropical climate cities, as is the case with Fortaleza. There is also an irrigation and chemical fertilising process, as well as measures against pests.

“There’s no point having a beautiful infrastructure without a top notch pitch. We followed all of FIFA's recommendations. Technicians hired by them were here in the capacity of consultants and we followed their specifications for the draining, irrigation and planting”, said Ferrucio Feitosa, Ceará State World Cup Secretary. According to him, the idea is for the pitch to be ready on 20 January.

Big screens
Another measure to ensure that all necessary information makes it to fans in real time was two score boards put up on the opposite ends of the pitch. LED 90 metres square widescreens, each ready to show multimedia information on a TV screen equivalent to 580 inches. At the same time, the audio system has 960 special speakers that ensure sound quality on the pitch and for the fans.

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