Pernambuco Arena: stadium has 46 thousand seats; big screens more than meet FIFA requirements

20/05/2013 - 01:43
The pitch uses Tifway 419 Bermuda grass. There are 42 food stands and two restaurants in the stadium

Photos: Abelardo Mendes Jr/World Cup Portal#The Arena Pernambuco, in São Lourenço da Mata (Recife metropolitan region) shall sit 46,106 people and will offer different areas for the public to enjoy. In addition to the common, individual and retractable seats, the VIP area has 102 boxes with 1,600 seats. The stadium also has 1,800 business seats and another 2,700 premium seats.

The VIP area has lounges and restaurants that after the World Cup may be used only by Prime Arena Club members - buyers of boxes and premium seats -. The rooms are air conditioned and may be reached through nine lifts and thirteen escalators. There 4,720 parking spaces, 800 of which indoor.

The premium seats make it possible for fans to sit near the mixed zone, the entrance to the pitch for players and referees, as well as the benches.  The mixed zone gives access to the four changing rooms available for players and technical staff. The rooms are around 200 square metres each and equipped with toilets, showers, warm-up area, room for the manager, massage room, two jacuzzis and lockers.

There are 42 food stands and two restaurants in the stadium. Fans will also have 84 gentlemen and ladies toilets available to them, with 32 cubicles for people with special needs.

Big screens

The two big screens and PA system are of international standard and may be used to broadcast matches and other events, as well as providing information about the teams or players, adverts and other content.

Each full HD LED big screen has 77.4 square metres and is capable of producing 281 trillion colour combinations, with 20mm spacing.  The measures more than meet FIFA requirements. The big screens are the same model used in several stadiums throughout the world, such as the Cowboys Stadium in Texas (USA) and Soccer City, in South Africa.


The pitch at the Pernambuco Arena was laid down using a reel system. In all, 500 reels were used, each 1.20m wide by 15m long and weighing approximately 800 kilos. They were brought over from Náutico’s Training Centre, where the grass had been growing since 2012 for the stadium.

Removing the turf and laying it down in the Pernambuco Arena was done using suitable equipment, imported from Europe and United States. The process for laying down the pitch finished on 25 March. The species used is the Tifway 419 Bermuda grass and the pitch covers a total area of 8,970 m².

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