Over 88% of construction works at the Dunas Arena has been finished

06/09/2013 - 22:30
Brazil's Minister of Sport visited the building site this Friday. Delivery date has been set for 30 December 2013

Photos: Glauber Queiroz/World Cup Portal#With 1,800 builders working around three shifts, 88.05% of construction works at the Dunas Arena in Natal (Brazil’s northeast region) has been finished, according to information provided by the World Cup Secretariat of the Rio Grande do Norte State. In fact, the construction works are progressing at such a pace that it is possible that some World Cup related tests may be conducted before the ground is delivered, on 30 December 2013.  This Friday (06.09), the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo and the state governor, Rosalba Ciarlini, visited the building site.

An area that is showing significant progress is the metal roof. Three out of the 20 petal-shaped modules that will make up the structure have been assembled and the fourth has started to be put up on the stadium's west area. The other 16 modules have arrived at the building site. After being assembled, they will be coated in carbon steel.

Laid down on 14 and 15 August, the pitch will be mowed for the first time next week. The two holes where the goalposts will be mounted have been dug. In addition, other areas are progressing steadily, such as electrical and hydraulic installations, the putting up of metal and glass window frames, the paving of the stadium’s outside area, lifts, generators, plaster lining, counters and partitions for bars and toilets.

After visiting the building site, Minister Aldo Rebelo showed to be very satisfied. “We can say that all that remains is the finishing, as all of the concrete structure is ready and the roof is already being assembled", he stated.

Aldo Rebelo also discarded the possibility of the Dunas Arena turning into a 'white elephant' after the World Cup, as a result of not being used much. “It’s going to be more than just a sport venue. There are football clubs here already. There are always clubs from Rio Grande do Norte competing in Brazil’s Serie A, Serie B or the Brazil Cup.  A lot of businesspeople will also want to have a shop, a gym here, as the stadium is located in a good area of the city", he stated.

The Dunas Arena will be the stage of four 2014 FIFA World Cup matches. During the competition, temporary grandstands will make the stadium able to cater for 42 thousand people. After the World Cup, the venue’s capacity will be reduced to 32 thousand people.

Protests and democracy

In relation to security during the World Cup, the minister has assured that eventual protests, such as the ones that took place during the Confederations Cup, will not put the event at risk. “We staged the Confederations Cup in six host cities amidst protests of a magnitude never seen before. The teams arrived for their matches, left the airports to go to their hotels, left for the stadiums, came back to their hotels, all managed to arrive at their destination.  All fans managed to get to the stadium. Protests are part of democracy, but we cannot allow for democracy to turn into violence. The World Cup will be staged with satisfactory security, transport, stadiums and telecommunication standards, based on what our country is able to offer", he added.

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