The organisation of the World Cup in Brazil got the seal of approval by foreign journalists

24/07/2014 - 17:48
Airports, public security and tourist sites reached more than 80% approval rate among media professionals

Most of the 18,800 (80% of them foreign professionals) FIFA accredited journalists for the 2014 World Cup assessed the staging of the event in Brazil with positive eyes. The items related to infrastructure and services reached over 80% approval rate, according to survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism in partnership with the Foundation Institute of Economic Research (FIPE). Around 60% of respondents said that the country’s image improved with the event and 96.5% would recommend a trip to Brazilian destinations.

Services led items positively assessed by the international press. Over 98% of respondents approved tourist sites, 96.2% considered nightlife options great and 93.2% praised how easy it was use to get a visa for entry into the country. Journalists also considered transport to be good and great (91.2%), as well as information provided to tourists (90.4%), but had some reservations in relation to services and the lack of materials available in another language.

All general infrastructure items got the seal of approval by foreign journalists. Airports were considered good or very good by most (88%), as was public security (81.1% approval). Roadways were well assessed by 81.6% of respondents, while the cleaning of public areas reached 80.4% approval rate.

Press professionals – most Argentinian (24.8%), Colombian (9.7%) and Mexican (6.2%) residents – said to be satisfied with the level of service provided by staff and volunteers during the tournament. They also gave their seal of approval to the FIFA Fan Fest (91%) and stadium infrastructure (88.7%). There were some reservations in relation to the car parks near the grounds and the World Cup opening ceremony.

São Paulo (58.3%), Rio de Janeiro (53.0%), Belo Horizonte (28.6%), Porto Alegre (22.3%) and Salvador (19.8%) were the host cities most visited by journalists. The survey was conducted between 19 June and 2 July with 350 professionals in the host cities where most World Cup matches were held.

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