Nigeria and France take to the pitch in Brasilia for a place in the quarter-finals

30/06/2014 - 00:17
The Mané Garrincha Stadium shall stage the 53rd World Cup match. The winner faces Germany or Algeria.

This Monday (30.06), France and Algeria face each other at 01:00pm at the National Mané Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia. It will be the 53rd match of this World Cup and the fifth of the seven to be hosted by the federal capital city.

Trying to put the bad campaign of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa behind them, when they crashed out in the group stage, France arrived in Brazil with a new spirit. They won Group E, after two victories (3-0 over Honduras and 5-2 over Switzerland) and a goalless draw with Ecuador.

Nigeria qualified as second in Group F, after a goalless draw with Iran in their first match, beating Bosnia 1-0 and losing to Argentina 3-2.

The winner will earn themselves a place in the quarter-finals and the right to play whoever comes out victorious of the Germany and Algeria fixture, which will be held in Porto Alegre this Monday (30.06) at 05:00pm in Porto Alegre.


Tips for fans

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The stadium’s gates will be opened at 10:00am, three hours before kick-off between France and Nigeria. A great security apparatus has been set up to ensure safety to fans, as well as facilitate access to the venue.

Security forces will act in an integrated manger, reinforced in relation to number of staff, with 3,488 military and civil police officers, as well as fire-fighting personnel, traffic wardens and stewards in the stadium, in addition to its surroundings. Around 1,400 security personnel will be deployed for the FIFA Fan Fest at Taquaparque in Taguatinga, city around 20 kilometres away from Brasilia's city centre, where fans with no tickets will be able to watch the match.

The tip is for people to leave home early and arrive early at the stadium. In addition, authorities recommend punters to take as few objects as possible to facilitate security related processes.

Access to the stadium

Roads near the stadium will be blocked off from 07:00am onwards (see details on the map below, with Portuguese subtitles). We suggest the use of public transport. Eight special bus lines, free of charge, will be put in operation. The bus service from administrative regions towards the central region will be reinforced and special free of charge lines, with bus stops near the stadium, will also be offered. The metro will operate from 07:00am to 10:00pm.

The traffic authority will use 200 traffic wardens. It will also control access to the stadium, helping pedestrians to cross the road in all events.

Source: Federal District Government#Click on image to increase it

Bus - Special lines

0.102 - Aeroporto/Rodoviária (every 30 minutes): R$ 2.00
108.8 - Rodoviária Interestadual/Rodoviária (every 30 minutes): R$ 2.00
0.104- Setor de Hotéis e Turismo Norte (Palácio da Alvorada)/Rodoviária (every 20 minutes) - R$ 1.50
Executiva 0.113 - Aeroporto/Setores Hoteleiros Sul e Norte (every 10 minutes) - R$ 8


It will operate from 07:00am to 10:00pm and will cost R$ 2.00


There will be a special taxi stand at Complexo Brasil 21. The traffic authority will help pedestrians cross the road.


All security related actions will be coordinated by the Regional Integrated Command and Control Centre (CICCR).  In total, there will 3,488 security professionals at the stadium. At the Fan Fest, this figure goes up to 1,404.

Public hospitals

- Hospital de Base (HBDF): Treatment for trauma, as well as neurological and cardiovascular problems;
- Hospital Regional da Asa Norte (HRAN): clinical and surgical emergencies;
- Hospital Materno Infantil (HMIB): healthcare services for expecting mothers and children

The ambulance service (SAMU) will operate 37 buses in all administrative regions of the Federal District.

Luiz Roberto Magalhães - World Cup Portal

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