Natal natives find tickets for the World Cup on a bus and return them to a group of 18 Mexicans

15/06/2014 - 10:19
Rejane Aquino and Lucimar Nascimento went as far as to call Mexico looking after the owners of the tickets. National Public Safety Force and Civil Police helped find the original owners

Civil servant Rejane Aquino and caregiver Lucimar Nascimento worked hard to ensure that a group of 18 Mexicans could return to their country with a beautiful example of Brazilian hospitality. A backpack full of tickets for the first two matches of the Mexican national team (in Natal and Fortaleza) was left on a bus by the fans, who are staying in Ponta Negra, city of Natal.

The backpack was found by Lucimar, a professional caregiver who cares for Rejane's mother. The fact was reported to the police, and the group of Mexicans was eventually located with the aid of the National Public Safety Force and the Natal Civil Police. The backpack had several tickets, credit cards and Brazilian tourist souvenirs.

Mexico native Erick Hernandez Tejeda was the one with the backpack, and was surprised that he was able to obtain his belongings back. He was very thankful for the efforts by Rejane and Lucimar, who went as far as to call Mexico looking for exact information in order to return the tickets.

The National Public Safety Force is a Department of the National Secretariat of Public Safety of the Ministry of Justice (Senasp/MJ) which provides support to state and federal police forces in several operations, including in the World Cup.

Source: Ministry of Justice


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