In his monthly column, Jerome Valcke comments on the preparation related progress in Brazil

29/06/2012 - 18:14
In text published on FIFA’s website, the Secretary-General of the entity talks about what he saw in his visits to Recife, Natal and Brasilia

Photo: Glauber Queiroz/Ministry of Sport# In his monthly column on the website, the entity’s Secretary-General Jerome Valcke affirmed that this week's visits to Recife, Natal and Brasilia were useful to follow the country’s World Cup preparation related endeavours closely and see that the projects are taking shape. 

“It was great to see first-hand that the preparations for the champions party for next year and for the World Cup 12 months later are progressing at full steam ahead and that the stadiums are taking shape”, commented Valcke. He also complimented the efforts put in by the builders working at the building sites, reaffirmed that they will get tickets for the games and planned his return to Brazil for August, to visit other host cities.   

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