Belo Horizonte presents the first phase balance of the World Cup in Minas Gerais

27/06/2014 - 12:36
The integrated planning has ensured tranquility for the tourists and population

Getty Images#The Secretary of State for Tourism and Sport (SETES), Tiago Lacerda, and the Extraordinary Municipal Secretary for the World Cup, Camillo Fraga, gave a press conference on Thursday (26.06), at the Mineirão Stadium to present the reports from the first phase of the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Minas Gerais.

In just 11 days, the Mineirão was the scene of four valid first FIFA World Cup games. Altogether, about 230 thousand people were attending matches in the stadium.

The organization of the State and Capital and also the preparation for the matches were highlighted as the main positive points.  "It is a grateful experience to live this historical moment in our state. We conquest the hearts of people from many different nationalities, who had the opportunity to enjoy local attractions, such as bars, typical dishes and our renowned hospitality. From an economic perspective, some sectors celebrate the financial return of the investment. The foreign press has praised our organization for the event in different areas, such as good quality of Mineirão, operational efficiency and tourist attractions", says Tiago Lacerda.

During the press conference, the secretaries presented the balance of the number of tourists, the visit of cultural public spaces, medical and police reports. "Belo Horizonte is performing a great World Cup. The operational system for the World Cup in the city was very tranquil in all areas, thanks to effective planning and execution made with much effort by all involved and here I give my recognition and thank to all. Another point to celebrate is the success of Fan Fest. From now, we are entered in a new phase, and certainly, we maintain the same standard of quality presented", says Camillo Fraga. Follow up the highlights and numbers of the first phase of the World Cup in Minas Gerais.

» Colombia debuts on World Cup beating Greece in Belo Horizonte

» Belgium beats Algeria in Group H debut

» Argentina beat Iran in Mineirão with Messi goal during stoppage

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Base camp for three South American teams - Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, all of them classified for the quarter-finals - Minas Gerais received thousands of tourists during the first phase of the matches.  According to the Municipal Tourism Company of Belo Horizonte (Belotur), more than 20,000 Colombians were in Belo Horizonte to watch the first match, in Mineirão, on June 14th. At least 25,000 Argentines watched the game against Iran at the city of Belo Horizonte. For next Saturday, when the Brazilian team faces Chile in the Round of 16, it is estimated more than 30,000 Chilean tourists coming to the capital for this match.

- 22,000 calls from people of 40 different nations were made in the city’s and state’s Service Centers of Tourist
- 70% of demand growth during the World Cup in bars and restaurants in Belo Horizonte, according to Abrasel-MG
- Three spaces for parking of motorhomes were defined by the city hall and the State Government to house tourists and fans who come to Belo Horizonte for the game on June 28th between Brazil and Chile. The parking lots are located in Mega Space (capacity up to 1,000 motorhomes), Parque Ecológico Lagoa do Nado (up to 100 motorhomes) and Parque Ecológico da Pampulha (50 trailers or motorhomes). In Mega Space, it will be charged a tax of R$ 30.00 per day, per vehicle.


One of the most attractive cultural point in Belo Horizonte is the Circuito Cultural Praça da Liberdade. It has received thousands visitors on its 12 museums. The visits almost doubled in May, when 116,000 visitors were recorded. In June, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (CCBB) has received over 41,000 visits.

- 50,000 visitors are expected at Museum Inhotim, in Brumadinho, in June (60% must be foreign);
- 18,000 visitors will visit Clovis Salgado Foundation in June;
- 6000 people have visited the Casa de Cultura Fiat since opening on June 10;
- 50,000 people have passed through Savassi Cultural, an event held for the exhibition of the matches;
- According to the Military Police, on the first weekend of the World Cup, about 8000 people came to Savassi. On 17 and 21 of June, the number pass over 12 000 people. During the game of Brazil, 23/06, the public was between 15 and 20 thousand people.

Fan Fest

The Belo Horizonte FIFA Fan Fest, which is being held in Expominas, is a great success. Over 142,000 people have visited the event in the eight days of programming, from the opening of the World Cup on June 12. The Fan Fest open on match days in the Mineirão, Brazil match days and weekends.

- 142,000 people have passed through Belo Horizonte FIFA Fan Fest in Expominas;
- 21,000 people attended the Fan Fest during the three games of the Brazilian team, providing maximum capacity of space;
- No serious registrations;
- More than 200 media professionals were accredited for the Open Media Centre located in Expominas;
- In eight days of operation the public at  Fan Fest consumer over 1.5 tons of feijão tropeiro (typical food from Minas);
- Approximately 300kg of pão de queijo, another traditional product from Minas Gerais were purchased by the public at Fan Fest;

Urban mobility

The operation of city and intercity mobility also had a positive results during the matches, showing the increased use of public transport since the start of the World Cup.

- 9,754 passengers used the special line from International Airport Tancredo Neves to Mineirão;
- 1,700 travels were made from the special Terminal Cup on match days in Mineirão, with near 75,000 passengers altogether; 
- 531 taxis are serving the International Airport Tancredo Neves;
- 470 reception vehicles were registered by the State Government of Minas Gerais;


The special strategic planning of the security forces of Minas Gerais is assuring tranquility to the citizens and tourists visiting the state. About 60,000 police officers, firefighters, and civilians are working in an integrated way. In addition to investments in public safety, such as the acquisition of high-tech equipments and fleet renewal, a large intelligence and forces integration planning was prepared to work during the World Cup.

Altogether, more than 40 institutions and agencies (of local, state and federal levels) work together in the Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC) analyzing images of 1,378 cameras in Belo Horizonte and its metropolitan region, optimizing resources, services, and actions to ensure safety during the World Cup.

A Public Protection Group – which involves security agencies of local, state and federal levels - was also created to coordinate actions.

- 109 people were arrested by the military police in the metropolitan region since the beginning of the special operation for the World Cup. Two minors were seized;
- Among the reported crimes are thefts, robberies, illegal gun possession, use and sale of drugs, contempt, and property damage;
- 51 foreign tourists were detained – thirty-five Colombians, five Peruvians, four English, three Argentine, three French and one New Zealander;
- 159 police escorts so far, according to the Special Coordinator for the World Cup (Cecopa). Of this total, 90 were conducted by the Military Police for transport of the delegations, truck and equipments, referees shuttle, and other officials;
- 471 people were registered in police procedures by the Civil Police. Of these, 110 are foreigners, out of which 26 committed crimes such as theft, robbery, assault, drugs possession, or illegal driving. The other foreigners have been victims of theft, robbery, injury, or lost documents and personal objects such as mobile phones, credit cards and tickets;
- The Civil Police also concluded and forwarded to court four cases that resulted in the indictment of a man and a woman who took advantage of the recent riots to commit crimes in Belo Horizonte. Five other investigations are ongoing.

Urban cleaning

The urban cleaning service of Belo Horizonte Prefecture, conducted by the Superintendence of Street Cleaning (SLU), also set up a special scheme of service for the World Cup and has managed to keep the city organized after the celebrations. So far, over 10 tons of recyclable material has been collected.

- 4,830 kg of waste materials were collected in Belo Horizonte FIFA Fan Fest
- An average of 10,400 kg of rubbish are collected per game in Mineirão and its surroundings
- 48 tons of rubbish were collected per day in last 13 days in the South-Central region


With investments of R$ 39 million in preparing teams, buying equipment, hiring international consultants, and hospital suitability, the planning of health care has been developed over the last four years.
Also, the Government of Minas Gerais accomplished, during the preparation, all international protocols for care of multiple victims. It was created a Group for Integrated Response to Medical Emergencies, integrating the health system and social protection one for greater agility in the pre-hospital and hospital care in cases with multiple victims.

- 11 foreigners at hospital Joao XXIII
- 180 people were treated at medical centers in Belo Horizonte FIFA Fan Fest, including four foreigners, between June 12th and 25th
- 194 persons attended the Mineirão clinic
- 22 people were treated in the Emergency Unit around the stadium

Fire Department

The Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais (CBMMG) accompanied the drafting and implementation of fire and panic projects in Mineirão and Belo Horizonte FIFA Fan Fest, and carry out surveys which culminated in the clearance of these locations. Legislation in Minas Gerais regarding Fire and Panic is based on international safety standards, which certainly provides safety and comfort for the people in events and buildings. The project ensured that local conditions presented secured the presence of the expected audience, minimizing the possibility of accidents and thereby reducing the number of attendances at the medical centers. Moreover, with prevention work, almost all of the care provided was of clinical cases such headache, drunkenness etc.

- 348 cases were held by firefighters so far;
- 103 were conducted in Belo Horizonte FIFA Fan Fest in Expominas and 245 others were in the stadium;
- 2,236 firefighters were distributed among Mineirão, the Fan Fest, escorting delegations, base points on highways and other activities, with an average of 300 firefighters per day, beyond the effective normally employed in serving all occurrences of routine;
- 197 vehicles were used

Source: FIFA Media Channel

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