Maritime terminal at the Port of Recife is the first to be finished for the World Cup

01/10/2013 - 14:05
The terminal will be opened on 13 October with the arrival of an Italian ship

The passenger maritime terminal of the Recife port (capital of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil’s northeast region) is the first to be ready for the 2014 World Cup. The area, designed to increase passenger capacity will be opened on 13 October, when the cruise season starts. Tourists from an Italian ship will come on shore on that date and see the new structure, which has nine check-in counters, luggage conveyor belts, departure and arrival lounges, regulatory and overseeing bodies, in addition to travel agents and shops.

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The terminal takes up an area of 23.4 thousand m², 7.9 thousand m² of which being built up. It has a car park with 188 spaces, 144 of which for automobiles, 12 for tourist coaches, seven for people with disabilities and 25 for official vehicles. A total of R$ 28.1 million was invested, R$ 21.8 million of which coming from federal resources. The World Cup Responsibility Matrix provides for similar areas at the ports in Fortaleza, Natal and Salvador.

“The project was developed following international standards. It is a comfortable terminal and the structure is like the one found at an airport, but with one difference. When a plane arrives, it brings with it around 200 passengers. When a ship docks, it brings with it around two thousand people, so there is a lot of logistics behind it all", states Rogério Leão, Recife port president.

The project used the old warehouse 7, which has undergone internal retrofitting, but kept the building’s outer structure. Facing the quay, the area houses the arrival and departure lounges, as well as the control bodies, such as the customs and immigration services, on the ground floor. A mezzanine will be used as a VIP room and there will be shops on the first floor, as well as a coffee shop and a tourist information bureau. In order to move between the floors, one can use a set of stairs, escalators, as well as a ramp and two lifts.

A promenade links up the first two floors of Warehouse 7 and the “Pernambuco Room”, building built to house the check-in counters, travel agencies and the government’s regulatory and overseeing bodies. The building’s façade is a metal structures that looks like a paper boat. Two lifts, a ramp and a staircase may be used to move around the room’s two floors.

High season

During the cruise season, which starts in October and finishes in April, 100 thousand passengers are expected to come through the terminal. The estimate is for 60 ships to dock at the terminal, which may cater for up to three tourist vessels at the same time. As the operational plan for the World Cup has yet to be defined, if needed, this number could be increased, as the port has ten berths where vessels may dock.

With a two kilometre long quay, a draught (depth) that varies between seven and eight metres, the port of Recife is where most of the freight ships that arrive in the state of Pernambuco dock.

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