Maracanã’s old chairs are donated to stadiums and gymnasiums in Rio de Janeiro

02/07/2012 - 15:26
Over 37 thousand chairs have been donated

The government of the state of Rio de Janeiro has donated part of the approximately 85 thousand chairs removed from Maracanã to stadiums of football clubs sin the first, second and third divisions. In all, 37.1 thousand chairs have been delivered.

Photos: Marcelo Horn/Rio de Janeiro Government#Chairs of the Maracanã Stadium at Moça Bonita Stadium, which belongs to Bangu Atlético Clube

Among the beneficiaries, there are football clubs from the state capital city – like Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense, Madudeira, Bangu and Olaria - and from the state's hinterlands, like Friburguense, Teresópolis, Barra Mansa and Serrano (from Petropólis).  The chairs were also reused in the refurbishment of sport gymnasiums and municipal stadiums.

One thousand and four hundred seats were donated to the Ministry of Defences, to Brazil’s Navy and the Civil Servants Association Club.

“The donations perpetuate the history of our dear Maracanã. Clubs from several municipalities and of all of the state's football divisions were considered. In addition, other materials such as wire fences, rebar, sinks and toilet seats were donated to the Riosolidário NGO”, stated the State Secretary of Sport and Leisure Marcia Lins. 

 The construction works being done in Maracanã follow sustainability rules. Seventy-five per cent of the demolition material – which includes concrete, iron, polystyrene and wood – will be reused in the stadium’s building works and in other public construction projects.

Source: Rio de Janeiro Government

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