Local Organising Committee publishes brochure with 54 Team Base Camps for the World Cup

01/08/2012 - 15:49
The catalogue includes base camps in the country’s five regions. Read the brochure in full in English, French, Spanish and German

 #See the full brochure published<BR> by LOC (file in PDF format)This Wednesday morning (01.08), the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Local Organising Committee (LOC) published the first version of the Team Base Camps official brochure, with 54 candidates that have signed contracts. In technical terms, 76 venues were approved in total. Another two versions of the brochure shall be published in the first and second half of 2013.

Among the venues approved, 30 are located in the Southeast region, 14 in the South, four in the North, three in the Central-West and three in the Northeast.  

The Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Sport Luis Fernandes, has forwarded the information that the federal government shall offer a credit line for the financing of restructuring work of public grounds that plan on applying to become TBCs. “The structuring, consolidation and selection of TBCs is key and a foundation in the process for holding the World Cup, and will leave a legacy of modern sport complexes throughout the country. There is also the creation of an environment of mobilisation for the event. Several other cities will feel part of the process”, stated Fernandes. 

Fernandes also pointed out the importance of the event for the development of Brazil. “It is an opportunity to drive the development of the country. By choosing the 12 host cities, we created 12 development hubs in Brazil, but the opportunities for national development go much beyond these cities", he added.

According to Ricardo Trade, LOC Operations Director, the candidature of 133 municipalities, in the 26 states plus the Federal District, is proof of how the competition may reach different layers.

According to the governor of the Sao Paulo state Geraldo Alckmin, the state has a credit line for financing the modernisation of hotels and training centres, and ten entities have shown interest in it. “Our development agency has awarded R$ 300 million in credit for hotels, guest houses, refurbishment work, equipment, as well as private and public training centres. Nine stakeholders from the private and public sector have shown interest”, he explained.

The Team Base Camps are venues that will be used as headquarters by national teams during the FIFA World Cup. They are made up of a training ground and an official hotel. In order to be listed in the TBC catalogue, hotels need to sign a contract with the FIFA hospitality company and the training grounds need to sign an agreement with LOC. “From the 1st of September, national teams may tell FIFA which they prefer, but the final decision will only be made after the World Cup draw”, explained Frederico Nantes, LOC Competition Manager and in charge of inspections.

According to Nantes, with the release of the first version, LOC is close to the minimum number of TBCs that should be offered by Brazil. Up until now, LOC has received 279 applications and inspected 244. “We have been congratulated in writing by FIFA for the completion of this stage. We need to offer a minimum of 64 Team Base Camps, but the expectation is that we offer 85, maybe 100”, concluded Nantes.

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