LOC will publish the first edition of the list of Team Base Camps

30/07/2012 - 11:02
The list of venues will be presented on the 1st of August in Sao Paulo

The Local Organising Committee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup will publish the first edition of the list of Team Base Camps (TBC) to be used by national teams during the tournament next Wednesday (1st of August), at 9.00 at the Football Museum in Sao Paulo.

The Team Base Camps are venues that will be used as headquarters by national teams during the FIFA World Cup. They are made up of a training grounds and an official hotel. The list is submitted to qualified teams, who have the final decision over where they will stay and train.

The venues need to meet certain requirements, such as being close to an airport where medium sized aircraft may land. The training grounds also need to be close to a hotel with 55 exclusive rooms.

The number of TBCs in a city or state is not limited. The quality of the venues offered is taken into account.

The assessment carried out by technicians takes into consideration over a hundred details related to the grounds and the hotels. The electrical and water supply systems are taken into consideration, as well as access ways for teams and press, places where interviews may be given, changing rooms and other facilities for the players, type of soil, drainage, etc.

Sources: World Cup Portal and Local Organising Committee

Photo: Gil Leonardi/Government of Minas Gerais#