Last shipment of metal structures for Amazonia Arena arrive in Manaus

19/09/2013 - 10:06
Parts are going to be used in the new stadium’s roof and façade. 80.33% of construction works has been finished

The last shipment of metal structures for the roof and façade of the Amazonia Arena arrived in the Chibatão Port in Manaus (capital of the state of Amazonas, Brazil’s north region) on Friday (13.09). In total, the 177 parts produced by Martifer steel plant in Portugal, correspond to 1.8 tons in weight. The assembly of the structure has reached its final stages at the new stadium.

The lorries that transport the parts to the arena’s building site are chosen specifically based on the size of the parts, which vary between 8 and 21 metres in length. After being delivered, the parts are lifted with the aid of a 400 ton crane. These last parts are expected to start being transported at the beginning of the week. Part of the canvas that will cover the ground is already in Manaus and the rest is on its way in four different containers.

The venue’s façade and roof are made up of one metal structure with a design that makes it look like an indigenous straw basket. The total weight of the structure is of 6.67 thousand tons. The company in charge of manufacturing the parts also took part in the building of the Castelão Arena (Fortaleza), the Fonte Nova Arena (Salvador) and the Gremio Arena (Porto Alegre).

The Amazonia Arena shall be the stage of four 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil matches. At the moment, 80.33% of the construction works has been finished. The construction works are expected to be finished by December 2013.

Photo: UGP-Copa#

Source: World Cup Project Management Unit (UGP COPA – Amazonas)

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