Inframerica Group will invest R$ 750 million in Brasilia’s Airport for the World Cup

15/10/2012 - 13:23
Details of the construction works were presented by the group this Thursday (11.10). Airport will have 15 new boarding bridges and a passenger terminal

The International Juscelino Kubistchek Airport in Brasilia will have 15 new boarding bridges, totalling 28 in all, before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This is the main requirement made by the federal government, which transferred the operation of the terminal to the Inframerica Group after an auction.  The group will invest R$ 750 million in the project until 2014.

The details of the refurbishment plan and extension works for the airport were presented this Thursday (11.10). “For the World Cup, we shall go from 13 to 28 boarding bridges, a south pier with 10 bridges and a north pier with five, in addition to the refurbishment of the main terminal, improvements to the car park, yard structure and runways", stated José Antunes Sobrinho, Chairman of Inframerica’s Board.

Until the World Cup, the number of parking spaces will double, reaching three thousand. The airport's entrance will have a new rooftop cover and a new access road. Furthermore, a VIP room will be built on Terminal 1's third floor. The construction works will increase the capacity of Brasilia's airport from approximately 15 million passengers per year to 21 million by 2014.

The group is negotiating with the Brazilian Development Bank a loan for the R$ 740 million that will be invested until the World Cup.

Photo: Inframerica#Mock-up of how the boarding bridges will look like and an aerial view of the airport

Confederations Cup
Some improvements will be implemented at the airport for the Confederations Cup, whose opening match will be held in the federal capital city on the 15th of June 2013: a VIP room on Terminal 1's third floor, the refurbishment of Terminal 2 and the car park will be increased.

Construction works on the way
Currently, there are three work fronts on the way: extension and refurbishment works, as well as work on the yard structure. Earthworks related interventions for the construction of the remote yard, on the airport’s south sector, have already started. Nine aircraft positions will be transferred to the location, which will have 60 thousand square metres and will be finalised by April 2013. With an increasing work rate, the group will employ around 600 workers in the next few months.

Initial refurbishment interventions include the renovation of the lavatories, refurbishment of the rooftop cover, fixing the escalators, new lift next to the boarding areas, painting of metal structures and a new visual identity.

On the 28th of August this year, the operation of the airport started to be transferred from INFRAERO to the group. The process shall be concluded by 30th of November when Inframerica starts to operate the airport, under the supervision of the state company.

» See a mock-up of how the airport will look like

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