Germany qualifies for quarterfinals after beating Algeria in the Beira-Rio

30/06/2014 - 22:00
The Porto Alegre bout was full of riveting moments, and only saw resolution in extra time. Germans now face France in European quarterfinal.

In another gut-wrenching match in the World Cup, Germany ensured a spot in the quarterfinals by beating Algeria this Monday (30 June) at the Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre. The hard-fought 2-1 win would only come in overtime, after nearly 130 minutes of struggle and pain from both sides of the pitch.

Both German goals came during overtime (1st and 19th minutes). For the first goal, Müller crossed from the left flank and striker Schürrle's shot, while awkward, eventually managed to arch over goalkeeper M'Bolhi Rais and land on the net. The second was born of a 4-against-3 German break against the Algerians. The defence even managed to get the first shot off the goal line after it was dispatched over the Argelian keeper, but Özil's rebound shot met no such fate.

The Algerians were not ready to throw the towel, however. They still managed to squeeze in a lone goal in stoppage time of the second half of overtime. Djabou received a cross from the right and slide-tackled the ball from German keeper Neuer to land it in.

The teams received standing ovations after the match, both well deserved accolades for the protagonists of a match that will never be forgotten by fans of either team, despite the goalless draw during regulation time.

The German qualification has bread a clash of giants for the quarterfinals: their next opponent is none other than France, which beat Nigeria earlier in the afternoon in Brasília. The duel is slated for 17 July at the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro.

Oitavas de final - Alemanha x Argélia - Beira-Rio

Oitavas de final - Alemanha x Argélia - Beira-Rio

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