Fonte Nova Arena: infographic sums up main features of the stadium in Salvador

08/04/2013 - 12:46
Boxes, pitch size, capacity, lavatories, car park. Find out more about some of the Fonte Nova Arena's stats

The Fonte Nova Arena, stage of three Confederations Cup matches and six 2014 World Cup games, has some impressive figures. The stadium has 70 boxes, 40 bars and snack bars and 2.5 thousand parking spaces. During the mega events, the venue is able to sit 55 thousand fans. The venue will also offer punters high resolution images on two big 100 m² (12.2m by 8.2m) screens, behind each goal.

The total investment was of R$ 591.7 million, R$ 323.6 million of which as federal financing from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), as well as R$ 268.1 million from state resources.

Below, an infographic with the stadium’s main features. As all other content produced by the World Cup Portal, the image below may be used on websites, blogs and social networks.

» Fonte Nova Arena: stadium in Salvador is the third to be delivered for the World Cup

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