Fonte Nova Arena: from demolition to operation, environmentally sustainable options

06/04/2013 - 17:06
The roof of the stadium in Salvador will enable rainwater to be collected in order to be reused, with total storage capacity of almost 700 thousand litres

Since the old Fonte Nova Arena was demolished in Salvador, sustainability was at the core of the new ground's construction project. All concrete from the imploded stadium was recycled and reused at the building site itself. During the project, a programme for reusing paper was developed, as well as PVC pipes and for recycling kitchen oil. Discarded uniforms were also used as raw material for making eco-bags and aprons in social projects.

“The arena has been awarded the LED certificate. We’ve developed social programmes for inmates, street dwellers and it will not be different in operation. Rainwater will be stored and we're coming to an understanding with the local electricity company for the use of solar energy, also as part of the sustainability programme", informs Frank Alcântara, president of the Fonte Nova Arena.

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The venue’s roof will enable rainwater to be collected in order to be reused. The total storage capacity is of 698 thousand litres. Every year, 37 thousand cubic metres of rainwater will be collected with this system, which will represent savings of 72% during the rainy season and 24% during the drought. The project reduced steel consumption in 40% and a lot of the metal used was from recycled material. The membrane filters up to 70% of sunlight, thus, reducing heat and energy consumption in the stadium.

The following services will be offered at the Fonte Nova Arena when it is in operation: selective rubbish collection, reuse of rainwater collected from the ground's roof, solar energy for heating water and parking spaces specially reserved for cars with low CO2 emission.

 #Infographic sums up main<BR>features of the stadium in SalvadorSocial Responsibility

The companies of charge of building the new Fonte Nova Arena implemented social projects such as professional capacity-building for residents of neighbouring communities, digital inclusion programmes, refurbishment and extension of a day care centre, in addition to volunteers who taught at schools in the surrounding areas.

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