Fonte Nova Arena: accessibility and parking

06/04/2013 - 18:39
In total there are 2,450 parking spaces. In addition to parking on the stadium’s level, there is a garage building and parking spaces outdoors

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Supporters will be able to go into the Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador using ramps, stairs and lifts. The building has ten storeys and three rings for the stands (lower, middle and upper). On event days, people will have to go through one of the 126 turnstiles in order to go into the place.

According to the construction company in charge of the Fonte Nova Arena, the venue meets all accessibility requirements. In addition to ramps and lifts, people with disabilities will have reserved seats. There are 359 seats for people with reduced mobility, 66 spots for wheel chair users, as well as 500 seats for companions and another 60 for obese people.  Accessibility is also ensured for wheel chair users and people with reduced mobility in the VIP areas (boxes and lounges).

 #Infographic sums up main<BR>features of the stadium in SalvadorThe arena also has 16 seats for people with visual deficiency, in an area with a directional tactile floor, where stewards will monitor the safe flow of people. Seats for people visually impaired will be close to the press booths, so that they are able to listen to the commentators. The stadium has signs all over it and 23 lavatories adapted for people with disabilities.

Car park
The arena has a four storey car park with 869 indoor spaces, parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities and for vehicles used for carpooling. On the first floor there are 211 spaces, on the second 403, on the third 403 and on the fourth 81.

In total there are 2,450 parking spaces. In addition to parking on the stadium’s level, there is a garage building with 1,100 spaces and 500 parking spaces outdoors.

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