Fonte Nova Arena: 227 cameras will help in the security of events

05/04/2013 - 16:23
On event days there will be 700 stewards and 300 security professionals at hand. A team of 18 experts will control the flow of people and vehicles

A Command and Control room will monitor all areas of the Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador's World Cup stadium. There are 227 high definition surveillance cameras, which will enable facial recognition and the identification of supporters. The cameras are positioned in strategic places in internal and surrounding areas. The images are monitored through a high technology system, centralised in a 80 metre square environment.

In the room, a team of 18 professionals will control the flow of people and vehicles. They will be in charge of deploying security, health and fire brigade teams if and when needed. From the room, it will also be possible to generate images on the big screens and information through the sound system.

The venue will also have identified security teams and stewards at all sectors for rendering services and providing users with information.  On event days there will be 700 stewards and 300 security professionals. In an emergency, the stadium’s maximum evacuation time has been estimated in eight minutes.

Photo: Tiago Falqueiro/Blog do Planalto#


 #Infographic sums up main<BR>features of the stadium in SalvadorThe venue was also designed to cater for all types of audience. According to the consortium in charge, the stadium meets all accessibility requirements for venues of this size. In addition to ramps and lifts, people with disabilities will have seats allocated to them according to the amount established by the legislation, special parking spaces, adapted lavatories, directional tactile floor, adequate signage and assistance from stewards.

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