Final version of Team Base Camp brochure has 83 options

30/10/2013 - 09:53
Based on this list, the 32 squads that will take part in the World Cup will choose their base for training and lodgings while in Brazil

  #Click on the image to see the full brochureThe final version of the Team Base Camp (TBC) brochure for the 2014 FIFA World Cup has 83 options. Each of the 32 squads that will take part in the 2014 World Cup finals will be able to choose their base for the tournament using this list. The TBCs are made up of a training ground and an official hotel, both located near an airport.

Four hundred and three TBCs applied during the selection process. In all, FIFA and Local Organising Committee (LOC) teams inspected 281 camps in 25 states and the Federal District. Details of the brochure were presented this Tuesday afternoon (29.10) during an event held at the São Paulo training ground in Barra Funda, in the city of São Paulo.

» The full brochure is be available for download on the FIFA website

The final list included 16 new TBCs in relation to the previous version, which had seventy camps. Three were removed: two will be used as official training grounds (the Olympic Village of the Fire Brigade in Brasilia and Palmeira’s Training Centre in São Paulo) and one was removed because of environmental licensing problems (Jurerê Sports Centre in Florianopolis). In relation to Brazil's regions, there will be four TBCs in the North, seven in the Northeast, three in the Central-West, forty-seven in the Southeast and twenty-two in the South.

“With this list we have the first technical mapping of infrastructure at the national level, which will be used as a reference for a long time, for a country that is making the most of the World Cup to modernise its arenas and training centres. For the chosen cities and towns, it will be an opportunity to showcase themselves and to increase tourism and investments”, stated the president of the Local Organising Committee José Maria Marin.

“We have a nationalisation programme for the World Cup and the Olympics, aimed at sharing the benefits brought about by the big events more equally. The Team Base Camps are an opportunity to share these benefits around. Consolidating these cities and towns as TBCs, even though some will not be chosen, puts the place in an important list, including for other events", stated the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo.

Rebelo explained that the Ministry of Sport is investing R$ 138 million in infrastructure in TBC candidate cities that are part of FIFA’s brochure. “The resources are allocated to public areas and spaces in these places, such as municipal and state stadiums throughout Brazil, with up to R$ 6 million being invested in each place. With the exception of cities that were included in this new brochure, all other places have already had some resources allocated to them for the improvement of infrastructure, generally refurbishment work at stadiums and their surroundings", he said.

Photo: Danilo Borges/World Cup Portal#

Choice will be made by national squads

According to the Competition and Team Services General Manager Frederico Nantes, there is an online system with the TBC options available and national squads will be given passwords to the system, as soon as they make at least one official visit to a TBC in Brazil. The country can choose up to three TBCs (one as the first option, another as second option and one as third option) and the squad that shows interest for the camp first will have first priority.  The final announcement of the chosen TBC will have to be made until 30 January 2014.

“LOC’s role is to make the brochure with options available. From then on, it is the squad that makes a choice using the system managed by FIFA. When they make the option, they are able to print a document with the date and time. The first to show interest will be given priority”, explained Frederico Nantes. He added that neither FIFA or LOC will interfere in the negotiations. “If there is negotiation and payment for anything, neither the Committee or FIFA will get involved. Negotiations will be done directly between the involved partied”, he said.

He also mentioned the case of Argentina, which published an announcement last week informing of their decision to use Atletico-MG’s Training Centre, in Vespasiano (state of Minas Gerais), which only made it to the brochure in this last version. “They may have negotiated this earlier, but officially, Argentina will only be able to choose when the brochure is made available tomorrow", he added.

According to the tournament’s regulation, qualified squads have to arrive in the host country five days before their first match.

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