In the final stages of construction, the Pernambuco Arena is praised

06/03/2013 - 10:59
This Tuesday, officials from FIFA, the federal government and the Local Organising Committee visited the stadium. The inauguration ceremony has been scheduled for 14 April

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The significant advance of the Pernambuco Arena’s construction works between two visits made by the FIFA Secretary-General caught his attention. The stadium will be the stage of three FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 matches. This Tuesday (05.03), Jerome Valcke visited the stadium in São Lourenço da Mata, in Recife’s metropolitan region (state of Pernambuco in Brazil's northeast region). The delegation also had officials from the federal government and the Local Organising Committee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

“What I can say is that we’ve gone from 46% to over 90% rate of conclusion and the stadium will be delivered in time. That's what we wanted: time to conduct tests. The project is wonderful, an extension of Recife, a source of new life. I’m satisfied. The pitch, which is the most important thing for the players and the lighting will be ready in the next three weeks”, stated the FIFA Secretary-General.

Brazil's Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo acknowledged that the quick progress did not surprise him. “Pernambuco had already shown that they could deliver the project before it even began. Pernambuco helped build Brazil and if you look at the state’s history and the feats of its people, there was no reason to doubt it”, he said.

At the end of January, 90.1% of construction works of the Pernambuco Arena had been finished, according to information from the developer in charge of the project. The information about the project’s progress in February will be published soon. The stadium's stands are ready and the seats are being assembled. The concrete has already been drilled so that the seats may be put in.

During the event, four workers, who represent the 4.6 thousand builders at the building site, were given symbolic FIFA tickets. All workers involved in the building of the stadiums will be given a pair of tickets to watch a 2014 FIFA World Cup match in their home city, as a way of acknowledging their effort and commitment to delivering the ground on schedule.

 #Builders are given symbolic tickets by FIFA: all workers involved in the building of the stadium will be given a pair of tickets for 2014

The governor of the state of Pernambuco Eduardo Campos, highlighted the progress of urban mobility related projects, necessary so that the public, press and players may have access to the stadium. “Mobility is a legacy that the World Cup will leave behind. And it’ll become part of our everyday life. In all, 100km of exclusive bus lanes, integrated terminals and an overpass will be ready in 15 days”, he stated.

Construction works
In the upper ring, the seats have started to be assembled on the east side. In the lower ring, only the seats on the west sector need to be assembled, which will be the premium area. Over 10 thousand seats for the general public have been assembled.

The services to prepare the area for the pitch to be laid down, such as the lowering and draining of the ground, have also been started. At the beginning of April, the pitch, which is already being grown, will start being laid down.

The solar energy plant of the Pernambuco Arena is also being implemented, which will have 1 MW of power, equivalent to the average consumption of six thousand Brazilians.

The roof also stands out, as it captures rainwater to be reused in the arena itself.

The ground’s inaugural match has been scheduled for 14 June 2013, as announced by the Pernambuco state government. The project has been budgeted in R$ 529.5 million, with R$ 397.1 million coming from federal financing. The venue will have capacity for 46 thousand people, with 4,700 parking spaces for small vehicles and 200 for buses.

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