Fifty-eight per cent of refurbishment works at the Beira-Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre have been concluded

08/02/2013 - 12:05
While visiting Porto Alegre, Brazil’s Minister of Sport was also informed that urban mobility related works in the city will be finalised by May 2014

In September, the Beira-Rio Stadium will start hosting Internacional Sport Club’s matches again, and the 11 urban mobility projects being undertaken in the city of Porto Alegre (capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul), shall be delivered by May 2014. This information was presented to the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo during his visit to Porto Alegre this Thursday (07.02).

Fifty-eight per cent of the stadium’s refurbishment works had been finished by the beginning of February. “The lower ring is almost concluded. In other works, the refurbishment works are well advanced. In relation to the car park, the earthworks were being done during the last visit, but now we can see that the first stakes have started to be dug in", said the minister. The old pitch has been removed and the structure for the new one has started to be implemented.

During the inspection, Internacional announced that an agreement has been signed with the construction company in charge, which anticipates that the ground may start to be used for matches in September. The idea is to finish some parts of the rooftop cover with the Beira-Rio already reopened for football matches.

The ground’s delivery date has been set for December. The stadium shall be the stage of five 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil matches, four in the group stage and one in the second round. Investments in the order of R$ 330 million are being made in the Beira-Rio Stadium, R$ 235 million of which from federal financing.

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Access ways
Urban mobility interventions in Porto Alegre were also recalled. “Access related construction works for the Beira-Rio are visibly on the way.  There is no need to wait for public bidding processes anymore. From the 11 projects planned, nine or ten have already been started and Mayor José Fortunati has assured me that all will be ready by May 2014", stated Aldo Rebelo.

Before visiting Beira-Rio, Aldo Rebelo visited the Grêmio Arena, a probable Team Base Camp (TBC) during the World Cup. The minister said that Grêmio’s new home rivals the standard of the world's top stadiums.

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