Federal government predicts that tourists will spend R$ 6.7 billion during the World Cup

14/05/2014 - 18:15
According to survey, around 3.7 million Brazilian and foreign tourists should travel around the country during the tournament

Picture: Getty Image#CuritibaBrazil’s Ministry of Tourism has publicised their prediction in relation to how many tourists will travel through the country during the World Cup and how much they will spend. The estimate is that 3.7 million Brazilian and foreign nationals will travel through the country. They should spend a total of R$ 6.7 billion during the tournament.

Brazilian and foreign tourists travelling to attend World Cup related events (matches and Fan Fests) will total 1.9 million people, leading to R$ 4.05 billion in direct spending.

Another 1.8 million tourists will be in the country during the World Cup, but are not travelling around. Nonetheless, their visit should lead to R$ 2.64 billion in financial transactions.

“The amount being predicted, based on surveys conducted by the Ministry of Tourism does not include indirect and induced spending. In other words, the total of tourism related financial transactions may more than double, taking into account the multiplying effect of these resources in the Brazilian economy", states the Minister of Tourism Vinicius Lages.

The 300 thousand foreign tourists travelling to the country specifically for the World Cup will be the biggest spenders. On average, they are watching four matches and are predicted to spent R$ 5,500 during their stay in Brazil, not including air tickets and other costs paid for before arriving in Brazil. This figure was calculated based on ticket sales until the first week of April.

“Tourists coming to the matches spend more. It is a specific audience and we want to win them over during the World Cup", says the minister.

According to him, the 2013 Confederations Cup provided good results, as over 70% of the foreign tourists interviewed said they intended to come back to the country this year.

The forecast has taken into account the average amount of money spent by tourists at the Confederations Cup and the number of people staying at their friends’ and families’ during the tournament. The survey was based on a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Foundation Institute of Economic Research (FIPE). In addition, the average spending of Brazilian tourists was taken into consideration by a study to establish the national tourist demand. The amount spent by foreign tourists was also taken into account to establish the international tourist demand.

According to a recently study of the Confederations Cup conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and FIPE, the total financial transactions throughout the whole productive chain up to the beginning of the tournament has reached R$ 20,7 billion. The impact of private and public World Cup related investments correspond to R$ 19.2 billion, while the impact from tourists reach R$ 991.6 million and the Local Organising Committee R$ 524.4 million.

Source: Ministry of Tourism

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