Dunas Arena: video portrays progress of construction works

22/01/2014 - 11:38
After almost two and half years of construction works, the World Cup stadium in Natal is delivered

#Click on the image to see the full coverage of the official opening ceremonyThe Dunas Arena in Natal is the result of 29 months of construction works. The project started by demolishing the old stadium João Claudio de Vasconcelos Machado - the 'Machadão' -, officially opened in 1972 and which took up part of the area where the World Cup venue was built.

Approximately 4,500 workers were involved in the project, helping to build the ground, which has a seating capacity for 42 thousand people (with 10.6 thousand removable seats). At the height of construction, the building site employed 2,300 builders. Investments in the project totalled R$ 400 million, R$ 396.5 million of which from federal financing.

Watch the video produced by the World Cup Portal to show the project’s progress, with the option of watching the images from the beginning of construction (before), or with the finished arena (after):

» Stage of four World Cup matches, the Dunas Arena will be officially opened this Wednesday

World Cup Portal

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