Dunas Arena: stadium’s multi-purpose nature is already a reality

22/01/2014 - 11:04
Company in charge of managing the stadium has already booked events for 2014 and closed a deal with two of the city’s main clubs, which will use the ground for their home matches

#Click on the image to see the full coverage of the official opening ceremonyMore than a concept, the term multi-purpose may already be used in relation to how the Dunas Arena in Natal is being managed, even before the official opening of the stadium in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, which will be the stage of four World Cup matches. 

On the pitch, the state’s two main clubs, ABC and América-RN, have already signed a contract to play their home games at the stadium. Therefore, matches from the state championship and the Brazilian Championship – Serie B - will be held at the ground. Off the pitch, the project has provided two special access ways to the inside of the stadium, measuring ten metres high, which ensures that carts used to bring in equipment for assembling stages may get through.

The privileged location, in the city centre, allows for the boxes to be used more frequently and for commercial spaces to be created. The stadium is thirteen kilometres away from the Augusto Severo Airport, five from the city’s entrance and eleven from the Via Costeira, road that houses a good part of the hotels. The internal structure includes conference rooms, media space, lounges, an auditorium for 250 people and spots where offices may be set up.

» Stage of four World Cup matches, the Dunas Arena will be officially opened this Wednesday

“After the World Cup, we can set up a commercial area between the access ways, as well as stage events and concerts. In fact, we've got trade shows scheduled to take place in 2014 and part of the car park may be used for assembling the stalls. The stadium was designed to be multi-purpose. We thought of everything to have stuff happening all year round”, said Charles Maia, Dunas Arena Director.

“We’re going to operate the arena for 20 years and our goal is to make it profitable”, he summed up, referring to the fact that the project is the result of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Rio Grande do Norte government and the Dunas Arena.

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Access and features

There are two main points of arrival to the ground: one through Prudente de Moraes Avenue and the other through Salgado Filho Avenue.  Fans go into the stadium through one of the twenty-one access ways. There are eighteen staircases and three adapted ramps. There are lifts to get fans to the boxes.

With an over 77 thousand square metres built area, the Dunas Arena is divided into four sectors, measuring 271 metres long by 248 metres wide. Depending on the side, there are three or four levels.

From the access square to the top of the roof, the stadium stands at 47.11 metres tall. The height from the pitch to the tallest point on the roof is of 50.50 metres. During the World Cup, the stadium will have a seating capacity of 42 thousand people, which will be reduced to 31,375 after the tournament.s

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