Dilma Rousseff lifts the World Cup trophy and says: “We’re ready to give the world a wonderful show”

02/06/2014 - 19:31
Alongside the FIFA president, Brazil’s president received the World Cup at the Presidential Palace and reaffirmed the importance the tournament plays in the fight against racism

Everyone is curious, but only a few have the privilege. Lifting the trophy, like Captain Bellini did for the first time in 1958 is something that only former World Cup winners and heads of states are allowed to do, like President Dilma Rousseff. This Monday afternoon (02.06), she repeated the gesture ten days from the 2014 FIFA World Cup at the Presidential Palace in Brasilia.

“It's green and yellow. Thus, when standing in front of this trophy, we're always going to imagine it being lifted by a national squad at the Maracanã, our football temple. And for us Brazilians, it’s impossible not to dream that the team lifting it will be Brazil”, said the president.

At the symbolic moment, the president had the help of someone who has lifted the trophy before: former player Cafu, who lifted the trophy the last time Brazil won the World Cup, in 2002 in South Korea and Japan.

The FIFA President Joseph Blatter watched closely, as did the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo and the children of the Presidential Palace’s employees.

Paulino Menezes/World Cup Portal#

Paulino Menezes/World Cup Portal#

Country is ready

President Dilma Rousseff stated that the country is ready to host the 20th edition of the World Cup. “We’re ready to give the world a wonderful show, with an extra dollop of happiness, respect and courtesy, which are strong characteristics of the Brazilian people. We know that we’re ready, the stadiums are ready. And the fans who have already been to the grounds know that they’re modern, comfortable and safe”, said the president.

Dilma Rousseff added that the Brazilian airports will be able to supply for the predicted additional demand during the World Cup, and pointed out the country's security related preparation.

“For Brazilian and foreign visitors, I assure you that the security structure that we have put in place will ensure the necessary tranquillity to enjoy the games, parties and trips to see our beautiful sites.  We’re a democratic country, one that respects the freedom of expression and to protest", she added.

A World Cup with no racism

The fight against racism during the World Cup in Brazil was reinforced by Dilma Rousseff, as well as the FIFA President during the ceremony. “The 20th FIFA World Cup will also be a platform to fight against prejudice of any type, particularly racism", said Joseph Blatter.

"I invite all Brazilian and foreign nationals to be our partners in the staging of a World Cup with no racism, for peace and with no prejudice. A World Cup where football once more, shows to be an extraordinary instrument to help us disseminate understanding, dialogue, peace and respect among us", added Brazil's president.

Carol Delmazo - World Cup Portal

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