Curitiba: bilingual police officers shall answer emergency calls on the 911 and 112 lines

06/05/2014 - 11:00
Numbers used in the United States and Europe will be in operation during the World Cup

Photo: Paraná State Military Police#For Ricardo Baggio (on the left), it’s an opportunity for personal and professional developmentDuring the 2014 FIFA World Cup, American and European tourists in Curitiba will not have to worry about remembering a new number in case of an emergency. The Paraná state Military Police has freed up lines 911 and 112, emergency numbers used in the United States and Europe. Therefore, ringing any of the two will put you through the police's 190 emergency number, which works in integration with the fire brigade's ambulance services on 193.

Eight years ago, Ricardo Augusto Baggio went to the United States to work as a cleaning assistant and waiter. He worked for four months in the state of Colorado to become fluent in English. Eight years later, at age 29, the now Paraná state military police corporal took part in the last test to work at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. He will be one of the 115 bilingual officers selected (100 fluent in English and 15 in Spanish) by the institution's education division to provide such services to tourists in Curitiba. The city shall be the stage of four World Cup group stage matches, among them Australia and Spain on 23 June, which should draw a lot of English and Spanish speakers.

“It’s an opportunity for personal and professional development. A challenge, enhancement”, says Baggio, who is allocated to the Curitiba’s Fire Brigade Central Office. That is where the calls will be directed to. If the problem is not one for the police to solve, the person will be redirected to the correct service.

Police officers fluent in Spanish and English will also be available at the international airport in Curitiba, in addition to the Baixada Arena, the coach station and Fan Fest, which will be held at the Paulo Leminski quarry.

“We have people working in Curitiba, as it's a host city and also in Foz de Iguaçu in the west, which should be a destination of an important number of tourists as it will be South Kore's Team Base Camp", points out coronel Dabul, from the Paraná state military police teaching and research division.

In order to report a problem in Curitiba, foreign tourists should go to the football and events mobile police station (DEMAFE) at Rua Martim Afonso, 280, in the São Francisco area.

In the Foz do Iguaçu region, tourists should look for the 6th Subdivisão Policial at Avenida Paraná 1,199 Jardim Polo Centro.

The interpreter officers will wear blue berets with England’s or Spain’s flag on them. When an investigation is opened by the civil police to verify a problem reported by a tourist or someone who has been the victim of crime, an official interpreter from the consulate of the corresponding country will be contacted.

Ângelo Binder, World Cup Portal in Curitiba

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