Cuiabá: stands at the Pantanal Arena go into finishing stage

01/08/2013 - 15:40
Seventy-four per cent of construction works at the 44 thousand seater stadium have been finished

At the west sector of the Pantanal Arena, World Cup stadium in Cuiabá, it is possible to see the progress of the stands' upper level. Water proof products are being put onto the structure, which will then be painted.

According to figures published in May, seventy-four per cent of the construction works at the Arena Pantanal have been finished. The stadium will have capacity for approximately 44 thousand people.  The stadium, which will be the stage of four World Cup matches, will be delivered in October 2013.

Photo: Gabriela Sant'Ana/Arena Pantanal#

Photo: Edson Rodrigues/ Secopa-MT#

Source: Arena Pantanal

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