Construction of the Dunas Arena is 45 days ahead of schedule

17/04/2013 - 11:09
During a visit to the World Cup stadium in Natal, the Minister of Sport and Governor of the state of Rio Grande do Norte saw how the construction works are coming along

Photo: Francisco Medeiros/Ministry of Sport#

The construction works of the Dunas Arena in Natal (capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil’s northeast region) are ahead of schedule. At the end of March, 61.41% of the stadium had been finished, while the expectation was of 52.68% for the period. This means almost 45 days ahead of schedule. The information was provided this Monday (15.04) by the OAS Construction Company to the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo and the Governor of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, during a visit to the building site.

Photo: Francisco Medeiros/Ministry of Sport#

With construction ahead of schedule, the stadium is now expected be delivered before the date previously informed, which was December 2013.

"The assessment we made today has given us a very optimistic forecast and goes against the hypothetical delay, mentioned by so many, in the construction of the Dunas Arena", said Minister Aldo Rebelo. “Urban mobility and airport related projects are also being developed in the city", added the Minister.

"I visited the building site for the first site a year ago – and on the occasion only the first pillar had been put up. Today I see that a lot has been done”, stated Rebelo. “The architectural beauty of the project is extraordinary. We have a stadium with unmistaken personality, which will certainly be another of the World Cup’s attraction, but even more importantly, for the city of Natal", concluded the Minister.

Photo: Abelardo Mendes Jr/World Cup Portal#Governor Rosalba Ciarlini reinforced the importance of an event like the World Cup to publicise the image of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and Natal. "I follow the construction works every day, through live cameras. And today we got the news that we're 45 days ahead of schedule. There’ll be the stadium and a great mobility legacy. And also, huge visibility for Natal as one of the World Cup host cities. The development will multiply tourism", stated Ciarlini.

The earthworks and infrastructure related endeavours have been finished already. The pre-molded parts for the roof are already being made and 89.84% of the superstructure has been finished, as well as 20.32% of the finishing works.  Fifty-five thousand cubic metres of concrete have already been used at the stadium, as well as 22 thousand tons of cement and around 4.4 tons of steel.

The Dunas Arena is currently employing approximately 1.8 thousand workers. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the stadium's seating capacity will be of 42 thousand people and 32 thousand after the tournament. The multi-purpose arena has been designed to host conventions, exhibitions, as well as national and international concerts. The stadium will have two big screens/score boards, sound system, VIP area with lounges, 40 boxes with exclusive toilets, restaurant areas, gym and shops.

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Fotos: Abelardo Mendes Jr/Portal da Copa#

Abelardo Mendes Jr - World Cup Portal

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